Just a starter don’t know much

When would be a good time to harvest I don’t know much about the ending. I’ve done much research just don’t understand yet. will these grow to get bigger? If so leave it longer? I don’t know much about growing so I apologize for much questions.

By the looks of it you have a couple more weeks. Look at the trichromes and when you get cloudy with about 15% Amber it’s ready. You still have quite a few white pistols too. Hope this helps.


Thank you very much also terrible news :man_facepalming: This morning my dog just got to it before I did and he peed in the soil? How do I go about this situation…

I would use ph’d water and flush the souls around each plant. Probably around 10 gallons should be ok. I think your far enough that if you notice anything bad happening you could cut them if needed. Hopefully your dog is still alive :rofl: because mine wouldn’t be.


thank you a lot for your help. :slight_smile:

No problem. We are all here to help. I’m not the most experienced, still on my first grow, but I’m on here all the time and try to help when I can.

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Also, for not knowing much you did a good job getting them to where they are. Do you know what strain they are??

Those do look great good jobs


I concur looking good
You did well for a newbie
I agree on your close and harvesting is more of a personal choice
Look at tricombes with a loop or pocket scope
You want all milky if your looking for a head high
The more amber you have the more of a couch lock experience you’ll have
I prefer around 20% amber myself

With that said Welcome to our community


ahaha i really appreciate your feedback, thank you for the info!!!

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i bought 5 tangerine dream seeds 2 came to be successful

If you can get a close up look at your plants with some magnification this should help .



wow! thank you for the info. im seeing a little bit of bud rot on a nug :frowning: should i snip it off?

For a starter you sdid a nice job.


Yes cut it out and flush it down the toilet .lol .

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Look real close at the trichomes. You can do it cheaply with a hand microscope or a macro lens adapter for your phone.

This is what i have. Cost <$20 for both. Im pretty sure. Good luck@Growstarter98

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Yeah i got a jeweler’s loop. I know it’s like wayyy ahead of time but they’re cheap enough and work great!!! I killed my seeds in the rockwool so i have a ways to go before i use it.Lol!