Just a quick “what do you think”

I just wanted a little feedback. This is my first indoor grow and just want to know if these look ok. We planted on November 24 2020 and this is what they look like now. Just trying to see if we did it correctly. I used the mini kit and got 20 OG kush but planted only 3. Any feedback about these little guys is appreciat4d. Thank you!


Hi @Jlkkdk , welcome aboard.

You have two issues you need to address as soon as possible. First, you need to plant each seedling in its own pot. It never works out putting more then one plant per pot since each plant tends to grow at its own schedule and they rarely finish at the same time. Plenty of other issues as well, as each plant needs 3-7 gallons of soil per plant.

The second issue is you need more light, your seedling are stretching way too tall trying to reach more light. When you transplant them you should bury some of that extra long stem to keep it from falling over.

Otherwise they look like they are growing ok. Don’t get hung up on ordering “a pot for pot” kit. Most communities have grow stores nearby where you can get soil, pots, and when you’re ready, nutrients and advice. You should go to a web site like Fox Farms and use their dealer locator to find a local grow store.


Thank you! I had a feeling that was it. First thing tomorrow I will move things around

Well thought I would come and ask for opinions on this. This is where our plants are now. We think about 2 more weeks til harvest but wanted some opinions.

Let’s see a picture of the whole plant…

There are 3 n that one pot. Not really concerned about the smaller ones. We do have another going in it’s own pot. Seeing how this is our first grow we are using this as the tester plant to see how it goes

You have lots of white pistils still. Do you have a magnifying device to look at trichome development? That is really the only sure way to tell. You can gauge a little when the hairs are all brownish-orange; however, you need to look closer.

If you enjoyed this grow and will continue, you may want to invest in better quality lights.

Continued success.

Yes we will be getting better lights and a better set up. For our first grow we did not want to invest a ton of money. If this turns out even half good we will be investing more money into it. For our first I do not think it went bad at all. Few hiccups but we will adjust and tweak things for the next grow. Thanks for the advise.

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