Just a quick Question from new grower

sorry about that @TommyBahama

I thought about to much light and now down to 450wt. Plants change for the better every 12 hrs of darkness. I just don’t want to ruin them. Ph tester here wcome. Ty for the replye

By your pic doesn’t look like there are any other issues. Try to in future post pics in natural light or just camara flash. Also Welcome to ILGM forum. :+1:

Will do and ty. I am going to post goog pic.

Topped one today, which by chance was water day. Hope to see results soon.

If you want bigger plants and bigger yields, switch to Photos. Plus you have so much control on a Photo. :+1:

Here is a small cola.

That is what I have, auto white widow and girl scout cookies. Seem to all doing good, knock on wood.

Yaaay, got a real ph meter today, Am embarrassed to say the first cheapo I bought. Was a real waste of money, but thanks to everyone on here I finally realized How important a good meter is.Bought an Apera A1209 and the quality is so so much better. Right now just wanted to check my tap water which came out at 6.6. Think I am good right now, really like this little meter. Happy camper for now.