Just a quick Question from new grower

Has anyone topped their auto flower strains, just curious if it can be done in the timeline they grow. Thank you very much.

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I don’t top my autoflower plants just some light training and a scrog net after they get larger. I am growing hydro

@southbound Thank you for your reply, new to this and advice is always welcome. Into 19 days and they all look healthy four sets of true leaves. Just trying to maximize my harvest if I make it that long. Thanks again.

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I topped my last autoflower at 21-days with really good success. I’ve read a lot of people don’t top and several do. I took a chance and it worked out. The worst you can do is stunt the girl a little.

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I top or FIM every time. It doesn’t slow them down a bit. I generally wait until there are 5 or 6 nodes.


This is my first attempt. They are white widow autos @southbound.

No topping etc just Scrog -day 40. I have topped other WWA and they did well. I think to top or not depends a lot on the strain. For example I would not top blueberry autos. They are generally compact with high indica %. As for the WWA here they are day 54 They stretched considerably and thinking I should have topped them. My light was probably to high and I got carried away with fox farm trio. My net was also set to low. Finally, here they are on day 63 They needed a little extra support


I usually top autos one time . Side branches will grow up and make a nice even canopy. Good luck with your autos.

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@bubblehead Thats kinda what I was thinking, went a little overboard with how many plants my little setup would handle. I think I will try with one to see.

@TommyBahama I saw on the forum a topic on FIM, said it promotes more branches, is that true?

@beardless Very nice looking plants, hope mine look as good, thank you for the advice and photos.

1st time micro indoor grow. Gorrilla glue. Red stems but i dont want to stress anymore.

Looks like a winner, gonna try that gorilla glue soon. Thanks for the reply.

Sorry to hijack your thread. Ist time poster and grower. Problem red stems. Overwater or calcium or ?

No problem, wish you the best.

I hope i haven’t destroyed my plants. Thinking of letting them dry out for a couple days. Any help appreciated.

Both topping and FIMing do. In general, topping will create 2 new colas and FIMing will create 4. They will still have the same amount of yield, but the canopy becomes more even versus having one big cola sticking out the top of your plant. Here is a quick diagram.


Additional notes:
Topping is easy and is what I recommend you start with.
You can top multiple times to generate even more colas. For your first time, I would say to to just do one topping, though.
My experience has been that when topping/FIMing right when the lights come on and right before feeding, the plant recovers immediately. I generally have new sprouts 2 inches tall within 24-48 hours.

Red stems can be caused by phosphorus deficiency or or intense light exposure. Could be genetic also I’m not familiar with GG so don’t know if it could be genetics.

@Tommybahama, Great advice, also picture adds lots of info. Think I will take your advice and top just one of my white widows to see. Experience is what I need and am happy to get your advice on my grow. Thanks.

plenty video’s on YouTube on both. @Bulldognuts great chart added to my library

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Credit where credit is due. @TommyBahama put chart up.:+1: