Just a quick look too see if my plant is about where it should be

This is a banana kush autoflower. It is 6 days since the seed popped it’s head above soil. The seed was started out in a root cube and placed in a 3 gallon fabric pot with FFOF. I am maintaining roughly high 50’s to low to mid 60’s on the RH and temps are being maintained in the mid 70’s to low 80’s. Curious of others opinions on if they appear to be where they should be at on the 6th day mark or are they lagging?


Looks good and healthy. She’s laying roots, the growth will come. :+1:

Looks fine. My auto was behind it seemed and then poof… it will take off soon…

Check this out… obviously further along than yours but this shows 10 days growth when my Gelato Auto was going into flower…

Keep her happy and health and you’ll be amazed what she’ll do.

Plant is looking great sense it was put into a bigger pot off the start she will first grow her root structure then she will begin to have vertical visual growth just keep doing what you are doing

Thanks every one! They are looking good and healthy. Figured they were doing good. Just wanted some opinions from others. The inside factors on the tent have really just been made to better fit the growing requirements of the plant. Just purchased and placed a humidifier to get the RH up. Was running between 35 and 40%. Just lowered my light on them. I think it was a little to high. Now reading a DLI of between 45 and 50 as told by the Photone iphone app.

Again, thanks!

hey cignus, your plants showing that growth as i have seen on a lot of posts in these forums is why I asked if mine were where they should be at or small for the age. by the way, the date stamp on that jun 11 photo indicates that maybe they are getting close to harvest. is that an accurate assumption?

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10 days from no crowns to crowns means they have weeks and weeks yet. Well probably 2-3. Since that was last month. Thought it was this at first.

Indeed, just harvested this evening!

You could just toss a dome over them… that’s what i do for about the 1st 1-2 weeks then it’s game on

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@CygnusX1 Fantastic! looked at the pic in that last post and I hope I can be good enough to get buds half that size.

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Highly recommend sticking around here and starting a grow journal.

Many helpful people around here who helped me get a decent haul.

Amazing community right here.


Agreed., some good teachers here. Rush is just about my #1

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Wish my girls finished that fast. Nice. Current one might actually. But I’m sure she’ll be like my previous Chocolope and want to stall out on getting amber. Sativa dominant.

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Good morning Newbiedude, try to not compare your plants to other growers. Did that when I started and Added this and that, long story short, less is more. Your girl is looking good at this stage. I grow autos and some start slow and some take off. Occasionally a dwarf or 2, but some of those have been my nicest producers. It is important to keep as much humidity around them at this age. I typically keep a dome for humidity over mine for the 1st 10-14 days then to their forever home. Here are 4 autos at 15 days from ground breaking. 2nd pic is 11 days later after topping and a fimm on one :love_you_gesture:

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Edit: pics in the wrong order. But some decent growth. You’re doing good Bro :love_you_gesture:

Those are looking very good there OGincognito. You are right about not comparing to others but sometimes you just gotta know where you stand :sunglasses: just to see if you’re in the right grow field or not. I used to grow outdoor gardens every year but this indoor stuff is new too me and sadly I have to do this incognito so I am not exactly in my element doing this in a tent. My intentions for now is just to try and properly water it and not even be concerned over nutes until 4 or 5 weeks down the road. Even then it’s gonna be a slow bake with the nutes. This FFOF seems to be plenty hot enough and long lasting enough to keep her going for a while from everything I read about it.

Thanks for the tip on the dome. I’ve seen a lot of others on here do that and for some reason I just didn’t. It’s probably late to worry about that with these 2 plants I have growing now but it is something I will definitely do on the next grow.

Likewise on the outdoor grows and transitioned to inside. You’re on the right track with adding nutes at around week 5. I grow in organic coco and soil and both will carry the plant to week 4-5 with good PHd water. You’ve got this Bro. I’ll follow in the background and give me a shout on anything I can help with and if I can’t, I have a few peeps that helped and mentored me through the indoor grow process :love_you_gesture:


Thanks a lot OGIcognito! There certainly seems to be no shortage of talented folks on this forum and look forward to all helpful suggestions.