Just a question about autos

I have one plant on 18/6 scheduled of light and my plant is sour diesel so she is 73 days old from seed and she is in flowering stage but bud not mature yet, should I change my light schedule to 12/12? I read on ilgm that this stain be 10 weeks to harvest and I heard other ppl they have they plants to 15 weeks

Thanks you

Other question it is any mold if you seed on the main cola just two bud small but purple color?

Light schedule isn’t really gonna change much this far in. Autos really do their own thing. As for length of grow, some will mature quicker than others, even if they are the same strain. Times advertised are under perfect growing conditions.
Patients is really tough when they are getting close! But your baby will reward ya for it. :wink:



@MidwestGuy any advice my friend

It can help triggering flowering, but it won’t accelerate flowering once flowering is established. Less light can actually do the opposite. I would stick with 18/6 to ensure that the plants’ DLI is met.

They may be measuring the 15 weeks from seed and not from flowering (first appearance of pistils.) I’ve seen plants take up to 12 weeks, but never 15 weeks.


I had 1 plant go for 15 w 2 days in flower it was a huge sativa plant first grow about 6.5 feet tall. Was grown under a ton of blurples but man it came out good smoke if only i had better understanding on dry and cure then. Lost alot of taste and smell drying out too fast on me matter a fact i have like 8 seeds of that left gonna drop them soon too. Was good smoke. Guy who created the strain calls it donald trump lmao. No its not orange but did have orange hairs. Like golden orange. Need to see if i can get a bunch of cuts from him and run them a grow. Its killer smoke

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