Just a off topic nothing to do with weed

Hey guys just wanted to show yous all my vegetables that im growing in a super soil mix there about three to four weeks old i have tomatoes and cucumbers so far

Im feeding them the same things im giving to my white widow


You must be in the southern hemisphere! LOL!

Looking good!

Yah Australia bro ive always had a green thumb for this sort of stuff

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Theres two types of cucumbers theres apple cucumbers and green cucumbers

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I guess I should have clicked on your bio! LOL!

Late fall heading into winter here in Virginia, USA.
I hate the cold weather.

I grow a lot of different things too, but I totally neglected my tomatoes this year. My state just went legal in July so I spent all summer on more interesting plants! LOL!

I have a solarium attached to the house so I can kinda keep the fun going through winter.

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Nice man its good when u have a special room for ur plants so u can grow in winter time im goin to be planting strawberries and zucchini and cabbage and lettuce and cauliflower. Yah i hate the cold aswell but i must say where i live it doesnt get that cold in winter not like Melbourne and Sydney Australia gets they have winter temps of -6 sometimes


I don’t grow a whole lot of veggies - I’ve got 5 fresh veggie stand withing minutes of here all summer, but i do usually grow some heirloom tomatoes and some cukes. I love a big Cherokee Purple tomato slice on a sandwich, and it makes a really nice sauce too!

I really enjoy growing weirdos for my area. And cactus. In fact, I just bought some peyote seeds! LOL!
I’ve grow pineapples 3 times now! Queen of the Night is another favorite. I have 2 Desert Rose plants I’m trying to swell up. They have those big fat bases - I want it fatter! LOL!

It’s amazing how much the research I do into growing weed works well for ornamentals too!

I grew up in the suburbs and working in the garden was a punishment. Now I love it!!
Go figure!

Yah i love growing vegetables cause i normally give some to my neighbours and friends and its more satisfying when u eat ur own grown vegetables but i dont eat tomatoes thou there yuk


I don’t eat that many raw tomatoes myself honestly. On occasion when they’re fresh and RIPE!
But you mash them up into a sauce, or soup or ketchup - I’m in! :rofl:

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Yah om the same in soups and sauces i will have them

Growing weed got me into veggie gardening this year too. I’m starting the research on growing great berry bushes. I would love to have a couple fruiting trees. Killer start


I grew vegetables before i grew weed and i use to work on a hydro farm growing lettuce ive always had a green thumb thou

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I’m still not convinced my thumb is much better than that puke like army green… but I’m getting there :rofl:

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My grandmother use to show me how to grow vegetables

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1 Purple Haze auto in flower
1 Do Si Dos auto 21 days old
2 Cucumber
2 Tomato
1 Green Bean

I need another light and more room.

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Nice man do u get good yeild from ur tomatoes and cucumbers

My first indoor vegies grow, I hope so.
I have a buddy who does quite well growing indoors.

You may have to pollenate the flowers on ur cucumber and tomatoes by getting a small paint brush and transferring pollen from one flower to another and so and so forth

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