Just a noob question, plz help lol


How are you supposed to know when its classified as sprouting, veg stage and flowering stage. I want to have a journal but what do I write?..


I might suggest Roberts Grow Bible. It’s a great place to start learning the process. I believe most of your questions will be answered, and it’s completely free.

Here’s the links:


Here’s a link to grow terms that you’ll probably need as well.

Good luck, and if you have anymore questions, don’t hesitate to ask. We have an excellent support team here at ILGM :slight_smile:


At the top of this page it says Blog, Guides ,Forum,etc… click on Guides, then go to The Grow, pick indoor or outdoor,
there is TONS of info in this Guides section along with Remarks after. Read All of them!! …and what @Dumme said too!!


Well thats a easy question
Write down everything
How many days old
Indoor or outdoor
Soil or hydro
Things you have done that can help you later or others
Oh strain
Photo or auto
The Journal helps you but in many cases it helps others new growers and long time Chiefs
It always wows me when a first time growers thinks outside the box
Because for one they never seen the box so there not held back by set guidelines learned from long time grower not saying there is not lots that can and should be learned from everyone …fresh eyes new perspective …


Thanks heaps everyone, you guys are the best!


Said like a true Wiseman !!


Thank you im new myself and learn tons. Everytime i check in here :laughing:


Hey @leftrightgnight a very interesting question which seems simple but involves much more. In the most simple answer I can give you sprout(5 days), seedling(21 days), veg(50 days), flower(70 days) but that would not really be helping you. Definitely read the grow bible in the link above. It will give you a larger insight into growing in general. Most important is that species of marijuana age a different paces, not to mention that growing techniques and actions play a large role in how long grows in general last. The best thing you can do for your plants is allow them to do what they do and aid in that process. Everything progresses at its own pace. Best of Luck. Remember to read the grow bible. You will do great.


This is my first grow in Years, Started reading ILGM around Feb 2016, ordered my seeds in April and just harvested my first crop of Autos and Feminized WW, Couldn’t believe the amount of help ,advice and guidance I"ve gotten along the way. Actually entered the BOM contest !! Soo much to learn from Everyone !!!


I believe it’s a Seedling 1 week to 10 days after it sprouts (2 weeks if it’s slow), after that everything is Veg until you switch to 12/12 to induce Flowering, unless it’s an auto then that’s different

  • good luck!


Oh read the GROW BIBLE. To i forgot to say that haha had a few beers
Cheers everyone


That list is a great tool for us beginning growers to be able to follow along in some of the posts on here thank you


I just love all the information that is shared between all of us because it helps tremendously whether you’re a newbie or you’re an old grower great minds think alike much love… you just never know when somebody comes up with a great idea and you never even thought of it that’s why I like to share it’s no fun being greedy…



100% the marijuana community is just buzzinnnn :joy: :grinning:


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Vegging starts after 5 true sets of leaves show, vegging ends and flowering starts when you choose. But mostly 2 to 2 1/2 months of vegg then switch to flower.

Hope this helps