Just a laugh 😂 friends outdoor

My friend who declares he is incapable of growing got two young plants from a friend , he put them in miracle grow and was feeding fox farm. Then instead of teaspoon he went table spoon with nutes. I have been chatting with him on the phone , and he initially added fertilizer direct to roots then watered . Poor things I told him just to flush the one that’s alive and keep just watering . I had a good laugh as I haven’t seen a plant burnt like this within 48 hours .
If you are a beginner and reading this please don’t compare yourself to my friend , he really didn’t try at all.

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That plant looks like alot of peoples. The ones that post their pics of their crappy looking plants on weed pages on Facebook ads or anything weed related like they are master growers and the plant is all deficient or burned to all helll and looks like crap. The rest of the plant is dead yellow brown with the buds with a tint of green lol


de instructions are there for a reason. seller wants grower to do good for return business. never apply directly.

Its funny cuz everytime u tries to flush or plain water them hes going to release more nutes from the miracle grow. I love it that plant is as good as dead haha

He’s gonna try and shake off most of the miracle grow and re pot with fox farm for the okay looking one . I think he watered the burnt plant directly on leaves lol. I told him I’d give him some of mine lol