Just a fyi ...... hell yeah

If you have a dollar tree around you, they have these for… you guessed it, a dollar

I’ll take 2


They use to carry different style, I picked up a dozen of them and would just toss them aside when they started to stick.

Yeah, that’s what I did. Grab a couple

Does it matter what kind of shears you use when harvesting? Before I didn’t do the harvesting just the growing ?

How crappy are they? I love bargains, but if they have too much lateral flex I’d rather spend more and get er done right; Since everything about trimming kind of sucks, (other than scissor hash).

The spring in them really helps the hand when using them for hours

It’s a little stiff but sure it’ll loosen up some with use

I did the same exact thing. Bought 2. One immediately sucked and wouldn’t latch but the other one worked fine. Can’t beat $1

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Nope. My local dollar tree didn’t have them.