Just a few questions for Garrigan62

Hi Will, Have been out of contact for a while now, health kicking my ass. Went out to go to a hockey game and only made the first period and had to leave. Breathing problems again. How are you doing? I hope well. Does the weather effect you much. I really miss going outside and staying inside is driving me CRAZY!

Saw something about a picture of your 5 generation White Widow grow harvest. Tried to find it in the Beginners section but couldn’t. How did the finish do?

Your mainline project looked like it was rockin’ along last I saw. My SSH grow is really going along good now. The plants are stretching like crazy and I am glad I did not wait for them to fully mainline. NO WAY I would have had enough room for them in that small box ! They are over a foot tall already and getting taller all the time. The A&B Sensi appears to be doing well and the Tree additive is making a difference as far as I can see. I have four colas on it and that will have to be enough. Do not have the room to allow them to grow out. Disappointed, but if I can get these four to grow out, I think I will be happy. The leaves and trunk are WAY bigger and healthier than I have ever seen. The Indica in the box looks like it will be female as I am getting a very small site that looks like hairs growing out of it. Will keep watching it closely.

Take 'er easy. Hope to hear from you soon. Jerry

All righty then lets bring up up tospeed my friend.
These are my mainlining sweethearts.
Center row first and up front is N.L she has 10 maybe more colas and she is one of the small ones

These here are the thai

And this is a clone off the N. L
Im doung an air water and soil mix very much like hydro but with soil

<img src="//discourse-cloud-file-uploads.s3.dualstack.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/business6/uploads/growingmarijuana/original/2X/b/b8284f672f5d3a8fc973bd7016f8c07b7a037b7e.jpg" width=“283” height="500yes the weather has tore me up Jerry.
Was really sickfor a couple of weeks and know I have found another lump.
Had a C.A. T scan done last tuesday. No word. Other than that…ok for now.
I sure hope weget to hook up this summer. Hell I mite just jump on the aharley and head that way.
Never know with me im very spontaneous…lol



Good to hear from you! WOW ! They are looking good. How long do you estimate until harvest? A lot of colas on this grow. Looks like the harvest will be sweet ! Did the WW turn out good?

My mainline had to be reduced to only four colas as it is already over a foot tall and starting to stretch daily. Gonna have no room in my grow box soon. Not too disappointed but wished I wasn’t going on an unscheduled trip that my wife set up without asking me ! ! Seems like I cannot get a break on growing ! :frowning: I am going to put the tent up again after returning from AZ and let 'er grow.
One thing that I have learned from this grow is my additive has really kicked but and the main stem of my SSH look the same size as yours in the picture. Would LOVE to let 'er grow out, think it is going to be a good harvest despite having to cut it short.
Looks like you are getting a thorough soaking in your neck of the woods! Hope you don’t get any tornados like a lot of people are.

Take care Jerry

Good job Garrigan62 you finally got that big Y split to get them main lined colas my brother .