Just a few pics of the grow



Day 52 feminized Girl Scout Cookie


Beautiful @JeffsSRT


Getting close! My GSC-X photo went into flower a week ago. Looking forward to the result.


looking nice and frosty @JeffsSRT
great growing!


Thanks all. This is my 4th grow and I’m focusing on quality flower to help me with some minor medical issues I have from my 24 years in the military, that I do not want to be on opiates for any longer. These are the Purple Trainwreck feminized. Day 52 as well. image|374x500


Looking good! Thank you for your service :+1:


Wow! That’s a beautiful GSC bud at such a young age. I had heard 10-12 weeks of flower for GSC, and looking at my GSC girls at day 30 I’d agree. So your plant is definitely hustling right along!


That looks so stinking yum


Well I have cut and trimmed the GSC and Purple Trainwreck, great smoke and decent weight on both. But today I cut the blue Dream, and wow. Huge buds and should be a really good weight. I’ll take a few pics of it drying and post them soon.



Looks great brother. I feel you on the medical issues from the military. I’m a vet myself and this is about the only medicine that really works for it all without the million side effects. Tske it easy brother, holler if you ever need anything


Wish i coukd smell it nice






First Buy ILGM, looks like good genetics, can’t wait for the cure!!


Beautiful buds!