Just a curiosity question

I don’t grow outside, and I’m only on my first grow.

When I began this journey, I was warned of “Light leaks” when I start to flower. Like LED’s on a power strip can cause a plant to re-veg.

Why doesn’t the moon cause a plant to re-veg?

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It’s not re veg, it’s turning hermaphrodite from the light stress.

Not enough intensity from the moon is the general assumption.

It’s actually interesting, since the moon, streetlights, ambient house lights etc. don’t seem to cause my outdoor grows to herm, but a dim led on a light strip will?

Personally I think there are many outdoor interactions that keep plants happier.



well stated!

When a plant is outside and has moon light every night it is used to that
Your grow room is darker and it gets used to that
Then some light gets in and bang
Ive read for outside the light can’t be brighter that 30 percent more than the moon ( don’t know what that would be)

The moon has no real output; only about 1/4 lumen. Compare that to 1 candle. That puts out almost 13 lumen.


I still find it crazy that a small LED will mess up a grow, but the moon doesn’t. I’m not doubting you by any means, it just fascinates me.

A 1/4 lumen surprises me. On a night with a full moon, driving through the desert you barely need your headlights on.

If it were legal for me, I’d have as many plants as I was allowed growing in my back yard.

It’s not a direct light source. It’s reflected light. Leds and lamps put out direct beams of light. If you were to set off a smoke bomb in the open on a full moon night, it would just create an eerie fog. If you did the same under a street lamp, you would see the beams from the lamp.


This is true. Good analogy

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Bobbydigital is correct. Moonlight seems bright, but has no measurable intensity. As opposed to a small light that may just confuse a small portion of the plant. But only takes 1 or 2 nanners to blow enough pollen to create a bunch of seeds.