Jungle's 2nd Grow

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Here’s a better picture (thanks for the stand idea @newt).


Looks like nearly all cloudy to me. I see a few more clear than amber, however.

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I’m with @Newt :sunglasses::call_me_hand::v:

Oh shucks!! Do I need to harvest this weekend???

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Any pics of the plant, and a bud? I’m thinking it might be a tad early.


The pics are above?

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Doh! She’s in the window. Follow the guide for the kind of buzz you’re looking for:




So, to review:

  1. Chop
  2. Hang in tent upside down
  3. Set environment to 60F/60% (or as near)
  4. While drying begins, order wood moisture meter, wait for it to arrive.
  5. Check buds, both prongs into bud. Meter set to soft wood (e.g., pine).
  6. When reaches 10-12% (11% sweet spot according to Grove)
  7. Trim. Trim. Trim
  8. Trim. Trim. Trim
  9. Trim. Trim. Trim
  10. It ends sometime.
  11. Trim. Trim. Trim
  12. Hopefully soon
  13. Trim. Trim. Trim
  14. Place into Grove bags, don’t exceed stated capacity
  15. Include mini hygrometer in each bag
  16. Should stay around 62% +/-. If low, add bit of orange peel, or a fresh fan leaf
  17. Two weeks to six months later, done.

Oh, also collect the trim. Freeze & screen the trim.
Oh, also collect the keif from the trimming.

Did I get that right?


I think you got this! :wink::blush::v::call_me_hand:


Congratulations on the chop and that was some fat buds


You forgot repeat…

  1. Drop seeds for next grow.

Other than that, you got this! :smile_cat:

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I went down to Set to Watch. Hope you don’t mind the questions I may have about your DWC grow you just completed.

I need to come back and learn from what you shared.

I want to try a DWC for the production of the plant, but they scare me a bit knowing you can crash the grow quick with a fluids as the medium.

Nice work, Love the Purples!

Get that Dry and Cure Correct.

Not been my experience at all. I’ve had terrific grows twice.

Ask anything. Happy to help.

After harvest, I can say that I didn’t have any hermies.

In retrospect, I suspect that the supplemented CO2 & high light levels just made the plant go faster.

Also, I read somewhere that a cycle of white pistils, brown, white and then good growing happens sometimes. I certainly happened to me last time and this time. And I freaked out about it both times.

Some buds from this grow. Not the biggest ones yet!


In conclusion:

  • SLH Autos worked ok, one generated much more flower than the other (weird), and watch out for the stretch hitting the lights!
  • Terple didn’t like my setup, generated a few colorful buds but not much quantity.
  • MVK generated about 1 lb/plant. Not a typo.
  • I believe the CO2 supplementation helped, but there is a tradeoff between CO2 usage and cooling. You want to limit the amount of fresh air, but you need to keep the tent <~88F, and make sure the humidity matches the temperature so that the VPD is not outta whack.

Good grow, esp. for my 2nd (I think).

Next up: either White Widow or Hella Jelly. Will probably continue the CO2.

Hello ILGM Community! I’ve finally made a dent in the stockpile accumulated from the 2nd harvest, and it’s time to start again.


  • Existing RDWC system
  • CO2
  • GH Trio + CalMag + Armor Si + Kool Bloom
  • Not change much from last time, 'cept use a different strain.

Hello everyone! I’ll start a Jungle’s 3rd Grow as soon as I finish getting set up to start.

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Here’s my 3rd grow: Jungle's 3rd grow #co2