Jungle's 2nd Grow

So… here we go with Grow #co2

Growing two clones of “Terple”, and two clones of Mt. Vernon Kush, RDWC, GH Flora trio + CalMag, Silicon, Hydroguard. The light is a HLG Diablo, in a GrowLab (?) 80x120 tent (the other half of the tent is currently unoccupied, going to put something in there someday)

Interestingly, the Terple cuttings grew roots straightaway, but the Mt Vernon Kush cuttings didn’t do anything interesting until I added the Clonex fertilizer to the cloner… And even the rose bush I’m trying to clone didn’t do anything until it saw the fertilizer.

Here’s what I’ve done for plumbing control… and someday automation:

Tagging some experts: @SilvaBack203 @Underthestairs @Covertgrower @Newt @Dman1969 @dbrn32 @PurpNGold74
sorry if I missed anyone.


Set to watch and can’t wait 4 the journey. Hopefully before these girls are harvest we have the full tent in use.

Happy growing

Edit… no expert at all you 2 humble.


Thanks for the tag. (Although I’m not sure about the expert part). But I’m certainly along for the ride.

Good luck!


Hopefully I can remember to use the correct dosage on the CalMag and ArmorSi this time, consistently.


Happy to be on board! Happy growing!


Nice setup. Good luck with these!

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Off to the races!

I have a little white board with my nutrient ratios that I leave on top of my scale so I know what I intend to feed. I don’t adjust the Jack’s much, but it keeps me on track.

Good luck


I have 2 or 3 of GHs charts printed off and the woman lammed for me.
Lol, can’t wait to try J321 :muscle:

@Jungle Im sit on this log over here and roll a blunt :wink:


Set to watching and stoked! :sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:

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Me too! But that doesn’t help if some bottles are ml/l and some are ml/gal … gotta read the damn instructions carefully!!!

Am currently visiting my mom in Michigan. Wow! MI has done legalization right - cannabis-aimed grow/hydro stores abound!

That’s y I go by the chart and not the bottles

Oh, that’s a good idea :slight_smile:

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FIM’ed today, first nutes change tomorrow. Going to start CO2 sometime in the next week… Tested the tent with airflow and found it sufficiently air-tight. A bit more Gorilla tape and I should be good to go.

… meanwhile, real happy with the new setup (tent, bigger pump, bigger lights, better pluming esp drain, environmental controller) in wintertime. I don’t think I’m going to need a chiller this winter.

Pics tomorrow.


I lied about pics tomorrow.

Beginning of the third week now, added a far red fixture. CO2 is up & running. Plants are exploding… had to add more nutes to reach the goal PPM today.


Looking beautiful


Looking awesome and I dig the setup!! :sunglasses::+1::+1::+1::+1::v:

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Day 20. At some point I think the Terple in the back row may have a stretch that’ll exceed my vertical capacity…


Get ready to supercrop!


Super crop or lst either one will help. I took a 5’ plant and bent her over to the soil and she turned into a monster.



So, I just measured my DLI, coming in at 55-60 (18/6, CO2=1025±50, 75-80f, rh 70% day, 50% night)

Is that too much light for the end of week 3 of veg? (Started with long-rooted clones)? Plants seem happy…