July bud of the month 2018


Purple Haze order #207655


I don’t put mine in to vote I’m not worthy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: lol


Yeah @Hogmaster right I call B.S. on the not worthy . I have seen those grows and they are top shelf


Thanks buddy


Strawberry kush #197770


Legendary Maui Wowie 1of 14 colas #233393


Gold leaf. #253540


That’s impressive. Well done.


Well here is my Black Widow order #264347
Good luck to everyone


Well dang guy’s I have it narrowed down to 4 . I normally have a theory of not the biggest but the tastiest looking with some size but mostly I look for the bud that if I could have one fat bowl of I would pick it . This month is providing issues in the process great looking entries


can we put in an entry today or was last night the cut off?


Northern Lights Auto Order #277008


Entrys are over You made it in time I will get a poll up by the end of the day looks great everyone think about you votes


Maybe because its not fair? Hahahaha


The best!!!

    • Greenjewels
    • Dieselgrower
    • Mickys
    • Beginner2nd
    • Gonnatry2
    • Themaddabber
    • Carpy
    • Silenthippie
    • Jrook
    • Sparky66
    • Blazinskywalker
    • Maxheadroom
    • Kushingupdaisies
    • Horafied
    • Happypappy
    • Newb1
    • Seeddog
    • Greenthunder
    • Bogleg
    • Holmes

0 voters

  • Voodoo
  • Greenlantern
  • Hornhead

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Had a mix up everyone will need to recast there vote I apologize my mistake hope this is not a huge inconvenience for everyone please vote above :top::top::top: Please do not post below this until after voting is over


What strain?


That is ILGM GDP