[JOURNEY] Top-fed DWC 32x32x63 tent 400W HPS/MH Grow Lights

Hey guys! I’ve been a dealer dependent for a decade already. My roommate and I just decided we’re going to invest the money and effort to grow our own Marijuana plants. I’ve been reading a lot about it, I’m so looking forward to start this beautiful journey next week. I’ve got my seeds already and all my set up is on its way.

My grow tent is going to be 32"x 32"x 63", I’m planing` to grow 2 plants (Purple Haze) with a HPS/MH Grow Light of 400W with this hood,

I’ll connect a 6-Inch 400 CFM Inline Fan for the exhaust (with Fan Speed Adjuster in case it’s too much)

I’ll be using a top-fed Deep Water Culture (DWC) hydroponic system as a medium for these two plants… with General Hydroponics Flora as a nutrients and a pH Control Kit to control the PH and Botanicare HYDROGUARD to protect my plant from Root Rot.

I’ll be placing two small fans In the grow area to get a nice breeze surrounding the plants. I’ll be using a Humidity Monitor with Indoor Thermometer to watch out the temperature and moisture in the grow tent.

Am I missing something? Do you guys have any suggestion?


I’ll be posting pictures next week and I’ll try to keep this journey updated.


@marcovasqz welcome to the Forum. And welcome to a new grower. We are all newbies at one time. Me, I just started about 3 months ago. So still new. There are alot of very helpful folks on the forum for when you need help…well, IF you need help.

You look like you are going to have a pretty good setup. One suggestion would be a small instake fan to push fresh air into your tent. I though an exhaust fan would do the job, just having an intake screened opening. Found it doesnt get enough air. So get yourself a cheap, inline fan, 4 inch should be enough. Like the one below.

It should bring enough fresh air in for you and its cheap enough. 20 bucks or so for a 6 inch.

Other than that, looks like you are good to grow. I wish I had had as good a setup when I started, but I added to it and you get a disease when you start growing. :open_mouth: The disease is called “gotta get that” :thinking::laughing:just one more thing you just gotta get to help your grow…:smiling_imp: I ended up getting another tent, more lights, etc etc etc. Ya just never have “enough” it seems like. :smiley:

So, once again, welcome to the forum and good luck with your grow.


I’m not sure what is in the kit, but make sure it includes a decent pH meter and you use it daily!

I’m a soil grower, but some of the water growers will be around with their .02

I gotta say that tent might be a bit too short for that light combination. that is more of a seedling/ cloning early veg tent. Go to the 3x3 and I believe the additional height will help you tremendously. @marcovasqz


@cyberblast is on point. You need an exhaust fan & carbon filter as theyre gonna smell.
Welcome to forum.
Hapoy Growing!


As @cyberblast has said air circulation is a must.

Since you’ll be using an HPS air cooling, air circulation and the exhaust of hot air that this light will create is absolutely necessary for a successful grow. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


I spent weeks trying to decide what’s the best set up for me. Everyone says that, once you start you want more and more… I’m so excited!!
Thanks for the suggestion brother!


I got the kit from amazon http://a.co/1aZOB5h

I kind of knew the tent is little short… Especially because I’m going to grow a tall strain.

But I plant to change them to flowering stage when they get the half (or maybe little less) of the maximum height the plant can get…

This is an example:.

Thanks bro!


I’m going to have to use this suggestion. I thought the same but my humidity is going too high at night. More and more concerning as I get further into flowering.

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Everyone is right! :wink:

Welcome to the best group on the net :sunglasses: I’ve been here a few months and am still learning all the time… I knew nothing when I started. The folks here are so friendly and helpful even a noobie like me has found success! :nerd_face:


In the initial post you indicated it was 63" tall, but your diagram is 84" is one of them a typo? 84" is plenty. 63" not so much @marcovasqz


It’s 63” but I I’ll make my plant go to flowering stage when it gets the half of the height available for my plant in my tent. That was just an example of what I’m going to do, but with different measures

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So it’s 63 -13 for the pots -21 for lights that leaves 34 with a -16 gap that leaves you only 18 inches for total height of plants. They are gonna need some serious lst or scrog @marcovasqz

There is a great tutorial here if you haven’t seen it?


I’m definitely doing a serious LST. I haven’t read much about scrog though. Thanks for the suggestion bro! I really appreciate it! @bob31


First pictures

Even though it’s my first time growing a plant I’m going to try scrogging as @bob31 suggested. Do you guys think this galvanized screen http://a.co/aYrXv4t is fine?
I’m worried about the height of my tent because Purple Haze is a tall strain.

The tent is going to be placed in my roommate’s bedroom to keep it hided from visitors. The only problem with that is we don’t have windows in our bedrooms… I know the plant needs plenty fresh air. What do you guys suggest?

Feel free to ask any question

Thank you!!

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I’ve read that chicken wire can cut into the stems. If you can, I’d use something else. :thinking:

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Maybe you could use something like this.

I think it’s 2.5" squares but if you double it in half and stretch it around you could probably make more squares and make them smaller too. It has hooks all over it to connect it to tent poles and other things in the tent, plus it stretches! If you do it all just right, you might even be able to set up a two layer scrog with just one of these, that is if you have the height like @bob31 said.

16" x 32" PowerTye Mfg Heavy-Duty Utility Cargo Net, 5mm High-Grade Latex Bungee, Tight 2.5"x2.5" Mesh Holds Loads Secure, Super Stretches to 35"x68", 12 Adjustable Large Non-Scratching Hooks



I bought the premium pack and I’m trying to figure out which one is the shortest strain:


It’s confusing because the indica says Tall and the sativa says Compact…


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That is confusing. My auto indica (bubba kush) is very short. My sour diesel (sativa) is twice the hight of the other.

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I think there are a few errors with strain labeling. The site was just redesigned, they’re probably working a few bugs out.

With no way to get the heat out of the room or fresh air in, you may run into some issues. Especially with hid lighting. The fan will keep hood cool, but if you’re just going to be exhausting to the same place you draw intake air from it may be an issue.

Also, you may want to flip to flower before they take up half the available growing space. Some plants double, but some are known to even triple in size after flip.


@dbrn32 Just a mention here. My plants have doubled in size and just in the middle of the 2nd week of flower. And the one that has gotten the largest is my OGKush which is a bushier growing species. The other one the same size is my Gold Leaf normally a tall growing but has shown a bushy tendency rather than growing up there. So I am already at half my tent height which is 72 inches. So if I had just 63 inches I would be crowding it or at the top nearly in 4 weeks of flower.

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