Journey of a Northern Lights Seed to Plant to Flower

Congrats bro, sweet success!!


Everybody loves a Harvest!


Only, it’s not really a harvest. Buds were not fully forming because lack of enough sunshine. Been cloudy most days and now temperatures are between 25 - 40 degrees.

Main thing is the experience and knowledge I’ve started accumulating.

Thanks @Mrcrabs, @PurpNGold74. :maple_leaf:


Never a total loss! :+1:

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really nice journey well done.

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Had a great summer this year, gardening, growing native wildflower mix with native wild grasses to help me plan and create a wildflower meadow in a wild, unkempt section of my property come next spring.

Growing a pot of Northern Lights Autoflower this summer just past dominated a lot of my time, giving me a rich grow experience, accumulating weed growing knowledge, to eventually grow premium weed.

Someone wrote, anyone can grow weed, but it takes time, experience and knowledge to master growing premium weed.

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