Journey of a Northern Lights Seed to Plant to Flower

Yes cfl lighting os fine to run close. Put ur hand where u expect her to be. If its warm go up another inch

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Much thanks!

Those are actually LED bulbs. If you pop that plastic dome off, you’ll get a few more whatevers lol can’t think of the right word there. But for real, those are about all I have in my garden besides my blurple panel. I use higher wattage ones, 23 watt I think, but anyway, they do need a couple inches distance. They’re intense little chips and will burn if too close.

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And he grows WEIGHT! Take that lid of and let that puppy shine.

Jefe dont give away trademarks. :joy::joy: the game is to be sold… of course im kidding

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Folks -

I regret to inform you the seed did not germinate.

The error must have been my sprinkling Mycorrhizal, a fungus meant to stimulate root growth to the sprouted seed, that must have devoured the seed.

I gently uncovered the material covering the seed and found nothing!

Oh well.

I won’t be germinating any more seed till next spring.

Sorry to have disappointed you by all that fanfare that went to preparing the seed to germinate.

Hey it happens! Ive had seeds pop then overnight absolutely disappear. Sometimes it bugs. Sometimes it drowning. Sometimes the ganja gods just like plucking off our wings. Best of luck n future endeavors


Oh yeah . . . No glass dome the next time germinating a seed.


Aw man, Drop another seed, dude, your grow was turning out to be one of the most exciting grows I have seen!

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If I do, I will have to finish her grow in a grow tent, because come late October weather in Massachusetts starts turning winter-like conditions.

I did order another seed pellet from A Pot For Pot the other day and is now in transit to me via Postal service arriving most likely this Friday. The 8 watt Grow light is arriving this afternoon.

I just realized I had created the thread in the wrong section. It should be in the Grow Journal section.

Being new to this Forum it’s confusing at first till you start getting your bearings as you look around the different sections.

So the thread will be in the Grow Journal section.

So, stand by folks for another razzel dazzel grow of an Auto Northern Lights seed, from seed to plant to flower.

:sunflower: :maple_leaf: :evergreen_tree: :cactus: :palm_tree: :shamrock: :herb: :fallen_leaf: :four_leaf_clover: :leaves: :deciduous_tree: :fallen_leaf:


You could provide a small hoop greenhouse near the end for her if the weather does not cooperate.

I liked your vibe and think it would be cool to at least give it a try, the lessons you will learn will be invaluable.

We are all here to help.

Also contact ILGM customer support, they might be willing to do something about your seed.


I think this thread can be moved, if that’s easier?

I moved it anyway, you can continue here, or start another, either works fine! But I agree, get in touch with customer service, see if they can help you out…and get another started! You have lots of time to come up with something to protect her from the elements if need be later.


The temperatures here in late October will be in the low sixties and the sun won’t be as strong to yield buds that will give you a good euphoria, won’t it?

Me thinks a small grow tent might be easier for me. 24” x 24” x 48”, should be enough space for one pot.

I can only handle consuming four grams a month at most. A couple of bowls a session at night and I’m done. It’s just that by next morning the effects still lingers and I can’t function too well to do what needs to be done.

I have a friend who uses it every day the past twenty-five years.


Dang, man…I’ve had that much since breakfast! :joy: Hahaha, I’m totally kidding. I don’t usually eat breakfast. But yeah, you could totally do one plant in there. I’d go a little taller though. I see a lot of folks with smaller tents on here running into height issues. Maybe an indoor grow for now, then you could start another indoors this winter and finish it outdoors? :thinking:



I’ll start fresh with a new thread in the Grow Journal, though I do gave a thread here that should be moved to the Grow Journal section, my first grow who is doing just great considering though she is a slow grower comparatively. I really like her very much.

She is beautiful, through my eyes, stately and majestic.

It’s love with a botanical, LOL!!!

I talk to her all the tine and I get really intimate with her, placing my open palms around her, moving my open palms all over her, feeling her energy, all the while I’m radiating light energy of blinding white light of the Highest order to help her with her journey here, a clear, dazzling, pastel pink for highest love and a clear, brilliant deep leaf green to heal whatever healing she requires.

I’m miss Missing her already for when her life cycle ends. But I’ll have lots of pictures and videos of her when she’s gone.

I know, this might seem looney to some. But she is a life form of another order.

:deer: :water_buffalo: :zebra: :horse: :dromedary_camel: :turkey: :skunk: :butterfly: :penguin: :owl: :giraffe: :chipmunk:


F 'em. Do you, brother. Whatever works for you, is what’s best for you. You’re not on here trying to push everyone to do it your way, only sharing. No harm in that. All life is precious.


I’ll Take your advice for a taller tent. Thanks.

If I am in tune with your vibe, I would say that trying outdoors is an experience. The sun and outdoor elements can never be duplicated indoors. To get the plant to express its true genetic potential, outdoor could be more interesting.

How about 1 and 1?


It!s just that I’ve had training in energy healing using healing modalities like Polarity, Shiatsu and Reiki, Master Level.

Botanicals all have energy fields around them as we humans do. And Kirlian photography is able to photograph the energy fields of humans and botanicals.

They have photographed a plant’s energy fields when a thought to tear her leaf showed the energy field has shrunked compared to her energy fields before the thought of tearing one of her leaves. And when you think of radiating love towards the plant shows her energy fields has expanded.

Yes, I’m just sharing my views.



There is a movie @Skydiver turned me onto “the healing field” which talks about just that.

In the future you might consider hedging your bets and planting 2 seeds if you only want 1.

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1 and 1?

Don’t Understand. Explain?