Journey of a Northern Lights Seed to Plant to Flower

what strain is she and are you only using natural light ? :face_with_monocle:

Northern Lights. Her light source is the sun.


mmmm…maybe think of using mirrors to up the light around her, it sure helps…I am going to make a pot of tea and send another pic of Miss P with a sunday black background as you have for comparison…is her soil temp good ?:face_with_monocle:

Not familiar with the term . . .

65F soil temperature is a deal breaker for us natural growers…is she outside and then inside at night ?

I take her in at night. Past week she’s been in the greenhouse with a thermostat heater keeping the greenhouse temperature at 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

But no matter what, if she is an Auto she will surely flower. Question is, when.

I’ll give her another six weeks.

do you do pH readings ?

my rule of thumb is 110 days before I can harvest, starting when the trichomes are amber (i like strong pot)

I am sure she will return all of your love and perserverance in bundles of buds in due time…:rocket:

Astonishing, and in her 6th week.

Congratulations! :rainbow:

Basically. I think my main problem is her soil configuration which stunted her growth.

I purchased this Grow kit from A Pot For Pot.

The bottom third is their version of Super Soil. Top two thirds is Coco Cuir mixed with perlite and a small bag of Diatomaceous Earth.

Even they told me there are no nutrients in the Coco Cuir. Their logic is, when you water, the nutrients from the super soil below, will somehow seep up to the Coco Cuir mix and nourish the plant. I find this thought difficult to accept.

During her fourth week, I banked her stem three inches with a concentrated super soil with Happy Frog potting soil that contained Mycorrhizae and Humic Acid.

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thats right…the Coco Cuir should act like a sponge and suck up the goodies below.

I only use the soil I make as I do not want weird stuff in my soil…do you make compost ?
Heres Miss P, 5mins ago in 7 gallons of 1 year old compost with home made cal-mag and Canna Nutes.
Mine is not to different to yours…its early days my friend :cowboy_hat_face:


L[quote=“James68, post:328, topic:33927”]
Mine is not to different to yours…its early days

Yes, but the difference is in age. Yours is in week 6, while mine is in week 10. Yours already have side branches while mine had only budding side branches in her 6th week and stayed that way till I clipped off her leaves and lopped off her top in week eight. Two weeks later, now, she is bushy where she should have been four weeks ago.

I do compost, but have used it all when I transplanted 40 Hollyhocks in the ground just before this Northern Lights Grow.

How tall is she now?

26 inches high from base to flowering tip, but mine is Auto Goldleaf and yours is Auto Northern Lights, so maybe thats it.

Do you add cal-mag (homemade ) ?

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Until recently, I’ve not given any nutrients. I was told by A Pot For Pot not to administer any nutrients until she flowers.

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maybe then she will bolt along now there are nutrients in her diet, its 7pm here and its time to look in the refrigerator as all this talk of nutes is making me hungry.
Enjoy…its been a pleasure communicating with you.

ps : and I have go and see to my horse…Princess !

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Heres my northern auto , will be 11 weeks Wednesday


Going about to see a horse can sometimes be iffy . . . one time when I went to see about a horse was at a carnival. The horse was busily chomping on some tall grass, when he suddenly tried to snap a bite on my shin. Luckily I was wearing denim. LOL! :zebra:


What week did she start to flower? :cactus:

4 or 5, she just took off

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That’s a zebra bro :cowboy_hat_face:

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Oh yeah? Thought it was a striped horse. LOL! :horse: