Journey of a Northern Lights Seed to Plant to Flower

This is a journey of a Northern Lights Auto seed to a plant to flower.

The seedling growing in a 3.5” seed pellet, when ready, will be placed in a five-gallon fabric spring pot.

At present, the soil configuration growing medium will be a mixture of a one pound super soil mixed with Happg Frog will occupy the bottom third of the pot. The top two third will be Happy Frog.

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Sounds worth watching. I’m a indoor grower who wants to learn and NL is on my short list of smoke to grow. Good luck and happy growing

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The photos in my library were in sequential order.

Unfortunately, during the upload the process took some photos out of sequence:


Wow it’s kinda like the dark crystal meets the fortress of solitude.


Man. Your whole voodoo meets shark week had me going for a minute. I didn’t know what those things were in the bowl. Do your thing man. Throw them bones and drink your sangria or whatever it takes to grow those 1 pound colas. Hella cool :sunglasses:


Dude! Me too,I was kind of thrilled in a spooky way!

Damn, now I have to buy crystals. I hope they are available on prime.

I’m definitely watching this grow!



These are quartz crystals. They have many uses. They can heal and energize the body and raise a person’s frequency.

With intention, desire and imagination I use these crystals to raise the seed’s frequency and attune it to my frequency and form an intimate, spiritual relationship with her.

When she finally germinates and emerge from the soil and begin its journey as a plant, I then connect with her, a seedling at this point, in mind and spirit. radiating it with love, joy, beauty, radiant, robust, vigorous health, peace and harmony.

I will talk to the her as often as possible, continuously giving her a lot of love, joy; feeling and imagining in my mind’s eye her looking radiant, vigorous, robust and beautiful.

I tell her to develop in such a way that I would like to experience from the buds she will produce a certain kind of euphoria, joy and happiness, enabling me to reach a higher level of understanding, that if I so desire to be an aphrodisiac in my personal intimacy.

It’s like weed purchased from someone, like having a one-night stand with a stranger versus weed you’ve grown and nurtured and had a certain relationship with. And when you experience the weed, there is a close, familiar connection with the weed.

Well that is my intent growing this Northern Lights Auto.

I anticipate the experience.


This is a quote from DJ short:

“One of the things we learned a long time ago was that something more than genetics are biological environment played a role in the desirability of some herb. During the 1970s and 80s as the number of growers proliferated, it became apparent to those privy to the info that the growers personal vibe somehow became part of the plants vibe. Generally speaking, mellow laid-back growers tended to produce mellow laid-back herb; whereas, uptight sinister growers tended to produce uptight sinister. Perhaps it was just the vibe of the growers following the product to market expressing itself along the chain of trade, I am not certain nor do I believe any form of scientific observation will even confirm such a debate. It is simply been one of those givens in the trade. In that regard women have grown some of the finest domestic herb I’ve yet encountered.

I used to call it “The Great Pumpkin” Effect, but perhaps it is better turned the “ganja goddess” effect: the most sincere herbal patches being visited upon by the subtle and ethereal spirits of benevolence. And subtle is a very keyword when considering desirable characteristics of fine quality cannabis. Subtleties have a way of being very powerful, indeed. What we are considering such aesthetic topics let’s have a look at femininity. It is, after all, the female plant we are primarily concerned with.”


Thanks. Very much appreciated.

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Sounds good to me. Let’s see how those young ladies feel about all that. Happy growing

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image image

Here are the two types of soil I’m using.

I’ve already filled the five gallon fabric spring pot with these two types of soil, and have watered it and will do so a few more times before I place the seedling, growing in a 3.5” seed Pellet, in the pot, sprinkling first a goodly amount of Great White Mycorrhizae to where the seedling will be sitting.

It’s called a Spring Pot because it has wires within but hidden. It is fully collapsible. Its rigid shape reduces damage to plants and roots when moved. It is very sturdy, well-made and nice to look at.

Purchased Happy Frog and Super Soil from Amazon, ships Prime.

Caution, Happy Frog sells for $9.99 when sold by Amazon, and $19.98 when sold at Amazon from a third party seller, exact same thing.


I just remembered I have a small thermometer and humidity gauge . . .

Now I’ll know the interior’s temperature and humidity.

The current thermometer reading may not be the correct reading since I just placed it in side the glass dome.

This is now the correct thermometer reading,


I am serious digging the vibes around here. Hope u dont mind if i pull up a chair and watch along. Best of luck. And sending good vibes your way.


Real chilled growing is what I’m talking about. When it involves a bunch of stressful bs it’s work and I don’t need either. So I’m with @PurpNGold74 and gonna tune in and watch the grow show✌️

My favorite thread of the day so far! Now I’m starting g to think I need to feng shui my downstairs. I did the upstairs when I moved in. One thing for sure is that my downstairs is so much more warm and inviting since I brought the ladies here.


@ThatoneAKguy Yeah I think many of us could benefit from a more chilled grow. Seems everything is so hurried and stressful. I think I’m gonna change the tempo on my thing to slow and low. The time is going to pass anyway. I’m gonna chill and watch the goodness come.:v:

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I guess yelling and screaming at my plants prolly scared them lol. And will you call me on the phone every night and talk until I fall asleep? I guarantee you have a soothing voice :smile: I dig this

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Dang my redneck solo cup shot glass is looking pretty bleak now.


Ol red sol cup is a staple in us red necks diet. We call that the fine China where I’m from. Lol


This is just my second grow pot. The first was a Grow kit purchased from, Pot For Pot, a five gallon fabric pot.

The soil configuration for that pot is their super soil version for the first third of the pot, and a mixture of Coco Cuir, perlite and Diatomaceous Earth the remaining two-thirds.

They me advised not to do any feeding till she starts to flower, then use Myco Chum.

The rationale for not feeding, when watering, the nutrients from the super soil will rise up to the Coco Cuir mixture. She appears to be doing fine so far. I may have over-watered her in the beginning.

She is now in her fourth day of her fifth week. I think she is a bit short, six inches tall, just measured her for this writing.

I forgot about a Grow light for when she emerges above soil.

@James68 had mention he was using an 8 watt heated propigator for his Auto Gold from ILGM. And that gave me the idea of purchasing an 8 watt Grow light for this grow. Unfortunately, I forgot about needing a Grow light for when she emerges from the soil. I quickly ordered one and is now in transit to me and its expected delivery date is this coming Tuesday. Hopefully it will arrive on Monday.

I anticipate her emerging this Saturday, day after tomorrow. The first seed grow emerged three days after planting. I just placed her outside in the morning and afternoon sun and had her sitting in the patio the other times. She grew tall.

I will place the 8 watt Grow bulb two inches above her. Is this the correct height placement?

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