Journey into the Aqua World


Hello to all that have stopped by to ride with me on this fantastic voyage.
I have been a organic dirt farmer for basically all of my career but fish and ganja really sparked my interest so I have dove straight in.
I have a 120 gallon established tank with 13 small tilapia. I’m farming in a 3h X 3w X 2d micro flower room running DRZ.
I have some 3 month old mini mom’s that I have designated to put into the AP system to give it a shot which are 2 weeks along in 12/12 and the lady’s are GG4, Bruce Banner and Blue Dream.
I’m under a 300w Mars light.

I’m away for work on the weekdays so I will try to make it for a weekly update so stay tuned and let get this show rolling✌

Heres a pic of my tank setup, when lights come on I’ll post a pic of my box.


Showtime begins, here’s what my cab looks like.
Looking from the front of the cab to the rear right is GG4, rear left is Bruce Banner, front right is Blue Dream and front left is a clone from the GG4.


Im going to watch from the back if you dont mind


Enjoy the show…!!:+1:


What kinda yield you hoping to get


Very interested. Just going organic for my first time myself . I be watching!


Thanks bro, stay tuned :man_farmer:


Dropping by tonight with a few pics.

1st is Blue Dream which started flowering first.

2nd is GG4

Last but not least Bruce Banner which seems to be stretching the most these past 2 weeks


How tall are your micro moms? How old did you start flowering or did you just start with a 12/12 light schedule


Moms we’re about 2ft before LST and put into 12/12… I previously took many cuts before the ladys were introduced to flower, all were very established in just soil before they were introduced to the DRZ Aquaponics cab .


Thanks for tapping in Smokin_Ernie. Grab yourself a nice fatty and kick Back and watch this micro show bro👍
Organic is a very fun and rewarding route to take.
I’m using my previous skills and adding the help of fish waste to my mix.


Yeah so far I am liking what is going on. I don’t really have the room to do an aqua setup but I am intrigued. I am only a few weeks in on my grow and I have notice a difference already. The round leaves on the plant usually turned yellow by now but no these are still nice and green.


Heres a weekly update.
I think that Blue Dream is really loving the aquaponics and gorilla glue #4 is right behind it.

Here’s the Blue Dream.

Here’s the Gorilla Glue 4.

Here’s a pic of the 4 plant micro at 3 weeks flower.

I’m noticing some weird curling in a fan leaf.
I would love to get some of the O.G. Aqua growers to chime in on what’s going on and give me some advice…

I’m also not sure if this Bruce Banner is doing the hermie on me or not, what does the form say ?
I do know that it seems like it’s still in a veg state because it keeps growing.
All of this DRZ and aquaponics is new to me so I’m still learning. I’m almost tempted to take Bruce and clone 2 of the GG4 out and just let BD and GG4 #1 have at the whole cab so the both can absorb the max light output.


I have been away from home for a few weeks and this is what I came back home to:open_mouth:

Here’s some pics of my root mass that has exploded…

Here’s some leaves from the bottom sections of my lady’s and I don’t know what’s going on. Anybody that has knowledge on this situation would help.
I had 2 fish die on me and I did a water change, also my ph is at 7-7.5.


Your Ph is way too high for hydro. You should be around 5.8.


I’m running aquaponics. I thought ph level could be a little higher.


I don’t know anything about aquaponics, but 7.5 isn’t a little high, that’s very high for cannabis.


Thanks for tapping into my thread. I will pay attention to that situation and see if I see results.:+1:


The ph in aquaponics should be in the 6.8 7.0. Range, for the fish and bacteria to thrive. @Akua-K, @raustin is right on for hydro but fish might suffer if it gets to a ph of 5.8


Thanks crabs,
That’s what I figured from a hydro setup but all I read about aqua is generally around 7 which is what I’m at most of the time with occasional spikes of 7.5