Journey growing GSC and WW


I don’t think you have bugs.


No bugs? But I was ready to fight that little fruit fly bastards


Yap! I try to keep it between 6.2 / 6.5.

I’ve been feeding them with GH Flora Bloom. It has no calcium at all in its formula. So today I gave a dose of PowerFeed with extra fish. That is the one I was using before and has some calcium in it’s formula.

Let’s see what happens now :pray:

Thanks for bringing light, @raustin :heart:

@DoobieNoobie, just in case I’ll do a quick search for any non invited guest.


@raustin says calcium and I bet she’s right. She’s amazing when it comes to knowledge on this stuff. I’m still learning so that was a new one to me with it looking like that. But that’s what this place is good for. Learning. :blush:

It’s crazy how these plants can look with different problems.


:spiral_calendar: Day 91 from sprout
:spiral_calendar: Day 35 :sunny: 12 X 12 :full_moon:

Following with the weekly updates.

Following with the weekly updates. After a pseudo bug infestation, elucidated later by @raustin as a calcium deficiency, I’ve done some adjusts on the food schedule and so far in 3 days there is no signs of new weird spots or deficiency progression.

Odete flowers looks as a Swiss alps, covered with snow. Olave is a bit more discreet, but is already showing some white flakes.

Super Scope in action with better pics deep inside.

Olave - Extreme Girl Scout Cookie on 05 November

Odete - White Widow on 05 November


Lookin’ good. And those pictures look great. My girls (the walking-talking kind) got me that scope for my birthday, but I haven’t taken pictures that nice yet. Rather, it looks like the same scope, but I guess it’s slightly different since mine has cables or wifi. (I only have dried buds to work with, but still…) Guess I need more practice. Looks like you’re gonna have plenty of healthy buds!!


You’ve definitely got the hang of that scope. Great pictures!


Sweet pics! N nice catch with the Cal (again aint Ms R the cats ass?! :joy::joy:) but the ladies are looking super frosty. Time flies right?


@DoobieNoobie @WonkaMan
With a bit of tape and a DIY skills, I’ve perfectly attached the scope onto my camera tripod. :man_mechanic:


It works! Makes me think I need a tripod lol.


Wow man I was panicking with this situation. Yesterday morning I gave them some CalMag solution. Today leaves are looking better (no more wilt leaves) and buds are slightly bigger!


Lucky I already had the tripod, cause I’m putting all my savings on gadget for the girls :money_mouth_face: :joy:


Lol right. I’ll hit up pawn shops. I’m sure I can find one somewhere for reasonable.


Hahaha a stoners mentality and ingenuity indeed! Sweet trich peeper :joy::joy:. And yea i almost lost my mind panicking. My spots were HUGE and zapped the leaves. Then my Afghan hash showed the same signs next day. Luckily they got calmag’d yesterday and im hoping she stops drying up on me


Everything is gonna be all right.

pHMeter #3 is due to arrive today. I realized days ago that pHMeter #2 was giving the same results for basically whatever I tested. :confounded:


:spiral_calendar: Day 98 from sprout
:spiral_calendar: Day 42 :sunny: 12 X 12 :full_moon:

Got a new pHmeter arriving today, since the second one was malfunctioning giving the same results for everything tested.

Odete is recovering from the calcium deficiency and Olave apparently shows no sings of deficiency at all.

6th week of lights on 12X12 and it is time now to start think about harvesting. I don’t want to be couchlocked, I looking more for psychoactive effects and a bit of relaxing sensation. I’m considering to keep feeding the plants this week and give only water on the next. So at the end of week #8 I can have an idea of how far I am.

Olave - Extreme Girl Scout Cookie on 12 November

Odete - White Widow on 12 November


2 more weeks sounds about right by how they look, maybe a little more, keep up the great work!

Start thinking about drying room set up…


Thanks, mate!
I believe the next two weeks will follow as scheduled and later will be the expecting to harvest with daily check and report.

I’m thinking about using the grow tent as a drying room. I won’t be growing again till next year, so maybe is a option.


Odete seems to be further along. I spied quite a few ambers in there. If that was a bud trich shot id start her straight water now. Week tops


I thought the same, but looking better what looks like a milky tric it’s just the scope’s LED reflecting on. I was excited for a moment, till I realised that :laughing:

Odetes pistills are only ~5/10% brown. Olave has more brown pistils, but the trics are all clear.


Yea. The full body shots give context. Just thought i was buggin :joy::joy: