Journey growing GSC and WW


You don’t have to SCROG. The reason most of us do is because it gives you a bigger yield, but it’s not necessary.


I wish I could do it. But, as I told @WonkaMan before, I must be ready for a property inspection by anytime on next 6 weeks. I’ll keep things simple for now with LST, cause is better safe than sorry.


That girl is looking great! My how far you’ve come. Also i wouldnt completely stop the adding Nitrogen. Slow it over the next few weeks. Say 2 week transition (keep the feed going as if she is still vegging, but intro bloom) after chop the grow by 25% a week going into week 5 of full flower.

Grain of salt. Im by no means a pro. But u dont wanna stop the feeding if N


I remember that I’ve seen in one of the journals someone saying to go straight away to bloom food. Well I’ve been reading so many things and maybe I got confused. Thanks for the advise!

But you are right, @PurpNGold74, I’ll keep feeding with veg nuts but alternating with the new bloom diet. I’ll follow the schedule veg food, water, bloom food, water, repeat on the next two week, then veg food, water, bloom food, water, bloom food, water, repeat for the following ones. Sound like a good idea?


It certainly sounds worth trying. My plants were in Ocean Forest, and couldn’t handle that much extra nutrients, especially in veg. But if it works, it sounds like a decent plan. I just saw that raustin started her plant on FF Big Bloom as soon as it was out of the seedling phase, and she knows what she’s doing. Big Bloom is more micro-nutrients than regular nutes, but just thought I’d put that out there.


My plants are in special soil made for tomato plant. It says that has some fertiliser on that good for 6 months, but the label has no informations about what kind of thing is in.

This is something that I still don’t understand. What’s the difference between micro and regular nutes?


Hi @Elwood. You can think of nutrients as plant food, and micronutrients as plant vitamins. There are different nutrients formulated for the vegetative phase and the flowering stage of growth, but micronutrients will remain constant.

Depending on what you’re using for water, you may not need to add much for micronutrients, since many of these can be found in water. But if you’re using RO or distilled water, then most of these micronutrients/minerals will have been stripped from the water, so you’d need to supplement the water with calcium & magnesium, for instance. I hope that helps a bit.


Totally helped!
I’ve spoken with a friend, he is an agronomist, and he told me that regular nutrients is basically focused on NPK, and micro nutrients is a complementary that has low or zero levels os NPK, but more of order elements that a plant may need.
Easy!!! Thanks, @WonkaMan!


:spiral_calendar: Day 63 from sprout
:spiral_calendar: Day 7 :sunny: 12 X 12 :full_moon:

Celebrating one week of lights on 12!

Olave - Extreme Girl Scout Cookie on 8 October

Odete - White Widow on 8 October


for some reason your pics are not posting


They work for me might be something on your end.


That’s weird. Have tried in a different browser or device?


Girls looking lovely. That rooms gonna get smelly soon :wink:


Thanks, @PurpNGold74!
I can tell you that Olave’s smell is getting stronger.
Me and the girls we share room. When I wake up in the morning seems I’m waking up in dry cannabis sauna.


A quick snap from Odete!


:spiral_calendar: Day 70 from sprout
:spiral_calendar: Day 14 :sunny: 12 X 12 :full_moon:

There are flowers everywhere :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Apparently the new food routine is working fine and girls are thriving greener and bushy. I’m not pruning the big leaves that shades the buds spots, I just tie them down so light can reach the most important areas. :yum:

Olave - Extreme Girl Scout Cookie on 15 October

Odete - White Widow on 15 October


Those preflower blooms are beautiful. Snap a close up if you see any early frost :heart_eyes:


Definitely i’ll! I believe another one week, maybe two, they show up :drooling_face:

I’m getting one of this USB Microscope from Amazon. It’s only 25$ Dollarydoos. Worth the price and will take amazing photos.


I think that’s the same one I have saved in my cart to buy when I get closer. Hopefully it works well. Should be able to plug it right into my phone. Which is really handy.


Seems to be Amazon’s best seller. At least it has a lot of good reviews.

If you are a Android user, all you need is to plug into your phone and be happy. Unfortunately for me this option doesn’t work on iPhone. There’s another one with wireless connection, but is the double of the price.