Journey growing GSC and WW


:spiral_calendar: Day 37 from sprout

G’day! G’day!
@WonkaMan, you really told me, mate! What a expansive growth on my girls!

I’m a bit worried with Odete. I’ve topped her on the next day after Olave, but she seems still a little shy. Maybe is because I’m comparing with two different strains?

They are having Thrive all purpose (NPK – 25 : 5 : 8.8.) twice a week alternated with two rounds of water (Food | Water | Water | Food). I’m looking to replace the Thrive all purpose for something more balanced of potassium and nitrogen. Maybe Thrive Tomato & Vegie Natural Fish Blood & Bone+ Concentrate (NPK – 10 : 3 : 8.8 + Calcium, Copper and Trace Elements). Any suggestion?

Olave - Extreme Girl Scout Cookie on 12 September

Odete - White Widow on 12 September


They look terrific, @Elwood! :+1: I wouldn’t worry about Odette. WW are known for being rather squat… which comes in handy when you’re growing outdoors, and trying to hide them :wink:. My tallest WW was only 15¼ inches tall at day 42 this summer… and then I put her in the scrog, and height was no longer a factor. But they’re are short. She’ll grow into herself, and she’ll stretch a bit when she begins to flower as well… though not like some strains will. She might stretch 30-50% as opposed to the hundred percent that some sativa-dominant strains will grow as they flower.

As for your nutes, I’m wary of giving you any advice. When things are going well, just keep doing what you’re doing! Personally, I used Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil which is pretty hot, and really doesn’t require any nutes during veg. Once they went into flower, I started using Tiger Bloom, Beastie Bloomz, and later on, Cha Ching. I’ve been happy with the results. But this is my first grow, so I don’t really have anything to compare it to. I’ve been happily taking the advice of other growers.

Good luck, man. You’re a natural at this!


Well, I’m letting Mother Nature having her way! It’s exactly what you said “when things are going well, just keep doing what you are doing” :grinning:

I just found your jornal, @WonkaMan. Your girls are looking amazing. How old are they?


Thanks @Elwood. Today os day 101 for my girls, day 42 in flower. So far, so good, though folks have had to walk me back from the ledge plenty of times, and the fact that these things are weeds is a good things, since I’ve done my fair share of screwing things up. But they’ve survived, nevertheless, and I even sampled some popcorn buds last weekend, and though the smoke was far from “cured” the effect was very pleasant :crazy_face:. Odete and Olave will get there too. The patience required in all this is the hardest part!!


Today I did a little of LST in both. Just tied down the big fan leaves, exposing more the new branches to the light.

Those plants are really resilient. I had a lot of problems with Odete at the begging. Over watering, moving house, I’m also accidentally (I’ve said accidentally!!:pensive:) dropped the light panel on her when she was 6 days olds. But she still there strong and heathy!!!

Man, I’m really excited to have taste of Olave soon. Ops… It’s sounded weird :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Well, that is what happens when you put a name on your plants :rofl::rofl:

Olave she has a intense aroma of chocolate of coffee. Something sweet, like vanilla sometimes.


:spiral_calendar: Day 40 from sprout

Lights raised up to 30 inches today. Let’s see if those plants can stretch up a bit more.

Olave - Extreme Girl Scout Cookie on 15 September

Odete - White Widow on 15 September


They should stretch a bit. I had the same issue with my plants and worried, perhaps needlessly so. In a couple of weeks, you should be very happy with their development. Don’t force them to stretch too much. They’ll do it on their own eventually. (But I did raise my light a bit too.)


I think it’s working!! :ok_hand:
Odete grew up almost one inche in two days. :star_struck: :star_struck: Her branches are not stretching yet, but the leaves are getting bigger. Just a matter of time.

How is the smell of your girls, @WonkaMan?


Glad to hear they’re thriving!

My plants do smell wonderful, but I don’t really notice it indoors, since I vent the tents outdoors. When you step on our front porch you can often smell it wafting up from underneath the porch where the vent is (it’s legal here). I can’t imagine the stench of our basement if I didn’t vent outside, or use a charcoal filter for the tent. (I don’t bother with the charcoal filter as things are now, but may use them when I grow in the winter and just vent into the grow room to keep things warm… at least until flower.)


Yah, mate! That is what I told you, she is just shy :laughing: :laughing:

I woke up this morning and I could feel the smell from Olave in the kitchen. It’s 7 meters away from the spare room where they are. Thought was my girlfriend baking something for breakfast. :grin:


:spiral_calendar: Day 46 from sprout

One week under LST and even Odete is now showing sings of growing. :grin::tada::
Maybe another two weeks till flipping lights to 12/12? :thinking:

Olave - Extreme Girl Scout Cookie on 21 September

Odete - White Widow on 21 September


dude your kicking a@@ for your first grow… are you a statistician?


:joy: :joy: Cheers mate!

I’m a bit geek with number. Whatever I can track and put in charts I’ll be doing :grin:

Ya, I’ve been fortunate with my first grow. My mates @WonkaMan and @PurpNGold74 they are always around helping.


They are looking super healthy and green, @Elwood! Great job! Yep, in a couple of weeks, you could probably flip, if you want. You could also let them get a little bigger if you want to. Are you planning to scrog, or let them grow up? Either way, they look super.


Thanks, mate! I’m soo proud of my girls!! You guys are helping a lot.

I was definitely planning to scrog, but I’m not sure now. What happens is, in 1 1/2 to 2 months my real state agent will show up for a routine inspection. So maybe I will try to keep things simple for an eventual evacuation. What a such pain… :roll_eyes:

I’m thinking about topping the branches to force more colas.


Ooh. I don’t envy you, having to make a quick dash and cover things up!


Im more here for emotional support. Ur kicking names n taking ass with the grow. Good work


:spiral_calendar: Day 54 from sprout
:spiral_notepad: Week Update

Previously on “Journey growing GSC and WW”

  • Some huge leaves were blocking light reaching new branches and girls had a hair cut on 22 September
  • Last meal full of nitrogen was delivered Wednesday. Today only water for them
  • Dark periods approaching with lights slowly been reduced from 18/6 to 16/8
  • LST is super and girls are loving it
  • Odete is showing signs of a new branch popping out from the topped area

Next episodes

  • A new diet is coming with General Hydrogrow Florabloom 0 - 5 - 4. Let’s bloom those girls
  • Lights off next Tuesday. 12/12 schedule will be placed in town
  • :see_no_evil: NSFW :see_no_evil: Love and pleasure with more bondage… I mean… more LST on the way

Stay tuned!

Olave - Extreme Girl Scout Cookie on 29 September

Odete - White Widow on 29 September


Looking god Elwood! You’ll like that stretch when you flip to 12/12.


I can’t hold my self from excitement!!! But my inner self controls me saying “don’t you worry, Elwood, cause every little thing is gonna be all right” :joy:

Do you reckon that will be easy to manage them with no SCROG?