Journey growing GSC and WW


:spiral_calendar: Day 6 from sprout

G’ day mates!

This is my first time growing and I want share my experiences taking care of Olave, an Extreme Girl Scout Cookie, and Odete, a nice White Widow.

As a newbie I’m trying to do best to make them grow healthy and beautiful.

So far, things has been running in this way:

  • Strains - Extreme Girl Scout Cookies and White Widow
  • How - Indoor with soil in pots
  • Light system - Phlizon 900W LED
  • Temps - ≈17°C day / ≈9°C night
  • Humidity - ≈60%
  • Ventilation system - Not yet
  • Seeds on soil - 1st August
  • Sprout - 06/08
  • 1st leaf - 08/08
  • Lights running 18h/06h - 10/08
  • Moving to big posts - 11/08


Have you met the girls?

Olave - Extreme Girl Scout Cookie on 12 August

Odete - White Widow on 12 August


Set to watching! Good luck on the grow my guy


Are they fem-seeds? Naming a plant then having to pull it can be heart breaking :grin:


Thanks, @PurpNGold74.
Both had been accidentally overwatered days ago. I quick moved them to a bigger pot where with dry soil were they will stay from now on.
Odete is recovering slowly, and Olave she’s a trooper that never give up.


Yap. Got fem seeds from ILGM few months back.

Don’t feel bad. Soon she will be with me, in my mind :rofl::rofl:


:spiral_calendar: Day 7 from sprout

I’m a bit worried with my White Widow. It’s been a while she looks upset, with wilted leafs and apparently not growing.

As most of newbies, I’ve overwatered her two ago, but I carefully solved transplanting it to a new pot with dry soil.

Olave - GSC on 13 August

Odete - WW on 13 August

Any idea if she will recover soon?


She’s probably building a root ssystem after a few days she will start to take off. Completely normal, as long as she’s green and standing your good.
Oh and not probably that’s what she’s doing


I’ve been tracking how the two first leaves are growing. Seems they are doing well!


:spiral_calendar: Day 9 from sprout

So far so good! Girls are growing beautiful!
Should I give them any fertiliser at this stage?

Olave - Extreme Girl Scout Cookie on 15 August

Odete - White Widow on 15 August


Nope. You see those circular leaves? Cotyledons are their names. They hold all necessary nutes until end of seedling phase. When they yellow and shrivel you may consider a LIGHT feeding. :+1:t5::+1:t5:

But they do look GREAT!


Thanks, @PurpNGold74!

I’m not doing anything before reading a lot and asking here first.

Better safe than sorry hehehe


:spiral_calendar: Day 13 from sprout

Second set of true leaves are popping out after 13 days from sprout :sunglasses:

Olave - Extreme Girl Scout Cookie on 19 August

Odete - White Widow on 19 August


And here are some geek charts of how the leaves had grown on first week

Daily growth

% Growth / Day before

Overall Growth


:spiral_calendar: Day 16 from sprout

Olave - Extreme Girl Scout Cookie on 22 August

Odete - White Widow on 22 August


Still tagging along. Is it me. Or does Odete have some funky looking growth goin on?


You are right @PurpNGold74. Three days ago they were transferred from the attic to a new 1x1x2 tent and since then both seem to be dancing a Twist and Shout with their leaves.

If you zoom in, you can see that Olave is curling as well, but less than Odete.


Do you have temp n humidity readings? The environment changed on them n it takes some tuning to get those tents right. Also fans? Inside and exhaust?


Yap. Yesterday humidity was really high up 80%. I’ve heard that high humidity may cause curly leaves. Tomorrow I’m getting a fan from local shop and a ventilation system from Amazon.

For now I’m keeping the side windows open so they have a small air flow from outside.


That maybe the culprit! High humidity is encouraged during the veg stage. Its fliwering were u want it ~30%. But that lack if airflow maybe it. A small oscillating fan to simulate a breeze would do wonders. Not directly on tje babies but enough to sway them a bit.


That’s the way @PurpNGold74.

Hey, now a fun fact. Did you know that Lady Olave was Lord Baden Powell’s wife? Baden Powell was the founder of Boy Scouts movement and Lady Olave was the first chief in charge for the Girls Guides.

Cannabis is culture lol :joy: