Journey from cutting to crop of northern lights

Hi, I’m new to discussing growing as its not to clever to let people know your doing it where I live. However I have the opportunity to share a grow from start to finish and though that if I was honest and open with posts in my journal that it might offer some insight and help others (especially when it goes wonk!).

So I’ll start with a rundown of the growroom and what tools, additives and equipment I use.

The room (veg) is small attic space Triangular made from 60mm insulation sheets.

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Dimensions of the room 4ft wide 8ft long and 6.5ft high.
Photo just to give you an idea!
I have a 5" inline fan drawing air in from outside and a bathroom(4")extractor (modded) sat just above the light and a 5"clip on fan moving air around. The light is a 600w MH in the cheapest reflector I could buy.

Now I sit the light as high as I can get it with the extractor just above but not touching, this does 2 things for me firstly heat is a factor and I found this really helps as it allows natural convection to occur and the room is always cool at plant level. the second reason is it allows a lot of area to be covered by the light. Doing this gives me not only good light for explosive veg growth but also plenty of room for cuttings and seedlings to grow in the shadows and furthest corners low down. I raise and lower my plants not the light. I will post pics later ( I have to take them when I go to water). I think I’ve covered the environment (room) but please ask any questions If I’ve missed anything. So back to the cuttings and what equipment. blunt backed razer blade or stanley blade (clean with alcohol) a jamjar, plastic bag, and elastic band.

So this is the momma

as you can see she’s not very old just 4 months or so and I have topped her a month ago after taking the first set of cuttings off.
These are they

I take 12 cuttings and plan to use only 9 if they all survive. As you can see ther are only 10, 1 got bottom end rot, then when I took them out of there plastic bag habitat I forgot to keep them moist by spraying for a couple of days and they suffered bad drought damage. I caught it in time and all but one managed to keep there tips alive.
That’s the poor tip less thing there I hav’nt the heart to end it. it also clearly shows the drought damage.

Anyway back to this months cuttings.

Here are a few pics of the kind of thing I’m looking for. fresh new strong shoots.

Now I cannot take photos and do the work very well atm I’m new to this. so I selected my cuttings and made cuts just below a node, I cut them long xtra long. I like to make up 3ltrs of water and a measured dose of root enhancer (liquid) I use power roots from a purple company. I add an inch of this solution to the jar and place all the cuttings into it

and place the plastic bag over it secured with an elastic band.

I suck out as much air from inside it as I can, take another breath and breath it out into the bag filling it like a hot air balloon. for Co2 reasons :wink:

Well that is it for 2/3 days. I leave them now in the dark and cool (not cold!) to just survive and settle a bit. I will be cutting them a bit closer to the crown when I plant them but you will be able to see that in a few days. I will keep this updated as things go on. sometimes it’ll be daily sometime not so often, but I will complete this grow journal for everyone. H

24th July 16. Day 3,

Today is planting day. YAY! I’ll start with a rundown of equipment and all that.

Soil,Riddle,Striker,Pots,Trays,Blunt backed razor or Stanley knife,Scissors,plastic bags, rooting powder (or gel) and elastic bands.

planting in soil I use 1 part seed sowing compost to 2 parts ordinary multi purpose compost riddled into a separate clean bag.

Light and fluffy and mixed well. Just right for delicate lil cuttings to try and grow in.

Pots, I use 4 inch pots of the ordinary plastic type.

Note these are clean! I reuse all my pots and these have been washed in hot soapy water rinsed and dried with a teacloth then stored clean and dry. (Cleanliness is paramount).
fill up the pots nice and loose to over flowing and strike off the top.

That is the messy part out of the way so now is a good time to clean up.

Tadaa! Pat yourself on the back for being a good tidy gardener. ( I’m not joking! Be in a good mood when ya doing this kinda stuff! good vibrations help more than ya know!) Next then retrieve your victims from there darkened lair and have a look at em, they should all be green and healthy looking still after there 48 hours or so in the dark.

heres a nice pic of the tool ect for completing the planting. just to refresh.

note the handy dibber that came as the top to my rooting powder. Its really good for poking the holes for the cuttings into the pots. also I us an upturned side plate to cut the cuttings up on using the razor.

I have also come inside to sit down, the next part of the oppo is delicate and you should be comfortable!

Carefully remove your cuttings from the jar and separate them up a bit. If your fast you can just leave them on the side to work through, if not pop the rest back into the jar carefully after each selection. You really dont want anything to even think about drying out! keep em wet keep em alive! DONT RUSH!

this is the first one out of the jar.

and this is it after I’ve cut away what I dont want.I have cut 2 nodes higher and I’ve cut just under the node and removed the bud from that node. There are an awful lot of hormones and other good stuff (starches and sugars ect) stored in the node(joint) there handy for the plant to use as fuel and building blocks for roots.

Dipped into the rooting hormone powder up to the first node and given a wee tap to knock the excess off and planted up to its neck. firmed in gently, I thought I had caught the leaves ok when I took the photos but seems not. So I have cut every leaf in half (about) this reduces transpiration of gasses through the leaves, relieving the stress on our wee plants a hell of a lot! also its a good visual aid later on as any new growth will be untrimmed and complete.

Here’s another couple of shots I took to try and show what I cut away from a different cutting. But hopefull you can see what I’m trying to show clear enough.

Having done a tray full mine look like this

You can see here more clearly the cut leaves, also not I have lost half an inch soil depth due to firming down. I don’t like to firm stuff to hard at this point. You’ll notice later on after watering that I loose 40% of soil depth ish. I dont mind, I like to let water do the job of connecting the soil to the plant and there not in these containers long enough for any root damage to occur (unless I do it myself when replanting).

Here’s the carnage after potting up all 12.

Now back outside to water in and drain off. I made up 2 ltrs of water and root stimulant as I did when I took the cuttings and I used 1.5 ltrs to water in all 12 plants.

After a nice cuppa tea (20 mins) I shook off any water left after draining and brought the plants back indoors.
I added this pic to show soil depth loss but its pants sorry.
Bunged plastic bags over there heads securing with the elastic bands and blowing them up with Co2 as I did before.
First suckin the air out! (I’m glad I washed my pots now!)

Then blowing them back up again wit fresh new Co2.

Well thats that. All my cuttings have been planted and I tried to take as many pics as I could that were part of the process. I think I went overboard but that for you to get bored or not really. Sorry if I did though. The end of todays goings on is that I moved the cuttings back into the veg room. The veg room runs a 20/4 day Ideal I’m told for cuttings.

It’s cool and darker there, at this point I’m looking for day length not strength of light. cool enough to avoid any extra work the leaves might have to do and warm enough to encourage growth. there visited 2 times a day at least and once a day I suck all the air out of the bags and replace the Co2. They live in these bags now for 2 weeks. they dont need any water in this time just monitor and blow is all I do, removing dead or whatevers from the enviro when I catch em. I’ll post again in a couple of days unless something goes wrong, then I’ll post before. Happy growings everyone as ever If I’ve missed anything or skipped a bit ask me please. H

30th July 16. Day 9

Hello again, it’s been a week since I potted on the cuttings. Not a lot has happened in the mean time for us to see, all the cuttings are still alive and green, I’ve had no die back from either the root/stem end or the tips. I’ve included a few photos I took last night.

so nothing exciting yet really save the fact there all still with us. I have as I said before just been replacing the Co2 each day by breathing into the bags daily. here is a photo of the best and worst of them I quickly took them out of there plastic bags to take the photos for you then replaced em quick!.

this also shows the level of soil left after settling from the light fluffy stuff I made up for them to be planted into. There is not a lot going on just yet but this coming week we’ll start to see changes.
I have now moved them out of the heavy shadow and into some more direct light (there still in a bit of shadow at this stage but over the coming few days I’ll bring them out as they start to look stronger).

Hopefully by the end of the week they should be in full light and almost ready to remove the bags altogether. So till later on in the week then! As ever if you have any questions just ask. H.

31st July 16 Day 10

Hi there, after re arranging the room a lil to get more light onto the cuttings I’ve had a loss. I looked in again this morning mainly to check other plant in the room and gave the cuttings a quick scan over all looked ok. I returned this eve at 8pm (there dawn) to water and give proper care for the day. I noticed one of the cuttings looked a lil bit floppy, still green and fresh looking just fallen over. I took off the plastic bag to investigate and found that the bottom had rotted out along with one of the leaf stems.

took this with a flash.

and this one without. Both clearly show the dieback of the stem and leaf stem. Nothing to be done here except ditchin the poor wee thing. It’s dead but lucky for me I accounted for 25% loss over the rooting and establishment period and its my first casualty so far. Fingers crossed for the rest.
These next few days are crucial to there survival. due to them receiving more light there starting to work more and can feel the strain without a proper root system just yet. I monitor them more often now and move them about individually in and out of shadow as they require, also I have been know to remove the bag and mist them if needed (replacing the bag after). H

1st August 16 Day 11

G’day, today I lost 3 more cuttings.

Two got bottom end rot.

Another dieback through an infected leaf I should have spotted yesterday.

I am thinkin of just letting this one go on for a day to see if the wee thing will take. There is still a viable bud on the plant > but its very tiny and also the die back is more than likely to just continue back to the remaining node and the plant will die anyway. So I really don’t hold much hope. A bit of a bollox with just 8 surviving so far. There all looking very healthy though and finding those three I panicked a lil bit. I have removed the bags now and misted the plants, there in the open.

I am going to keep them out now for the rest of the time I’m awake and keep hourly eyes on. Just to mist them if the tips start to dry out. Before I goto bed I may well either bag them up again (in fresh bags!) or place them in deep shade for the duration of my sleep. I’ll let you know who things go on tomorrow.
Oh here a pic of them after misting

If you remember I showed you the cuttings from the month before, 10 survived last month and this is them now there in bigger pots and have grown on a bit.

A bit of a shitty photo but my head was getting very hot and I had to guess. this is the best that came out lol. H

3rd August Day 13

Hello again, were into the last days of the first two weeks( wahay danger period almost over!)

Since I had the butt rot and took all the plants out of there bags I have left them out. I didn’t replace the bags at all.
I did and am moving the plant in and out of shadow as I said before.

Today I have kept them out in full light all day, I have been monitoring them and have kept them misted as much as possible. Visiting the room every hour!

Yesterday I forgot to mist them before the lights went out and was late (by 30 mins) getting to them when the lights came back on and a couple started to dry out! I managed to catch them in time by simply misting and moving them into deeper shade.
This is a photo of one that started to dry out a bit, as you can see I suffered some die back at the tips of the leaves. I will remove the necrotic material once the plant has recovered enough to cope. I wont remove the leaves as a whole if I can help it I’ll just cut the tips that are burned.

All are well as of this morning and I will update again tonight. H

4th august 16 Day 14
Hi today was just a day of monitoring and misting all my remaining plants. I cleaned out the veg room and put some plant into flower. This gave me the opportunity to clean up and tidy the room a bit.
Here are a few photos from day 14.

As you can see there isn’t a whole lot to report as yet today. I noticed that this plant
hasn’t really recovered from drying out when I took the bags off. I separated it from the herd and moved it into very deep shadow for the night. First thing this morning (5th August 16 Day 15) I went to see how it was getting along, I was very disappointed to find this
So I investigated further and found our ol friend butt rot!

I said I would be honest and record everything for this journal and to be honest I thought I’d get better results but hayho there ya go. I think the fault this time was me, I watered too much at the start and should perhaps have just used 1 ltr of water to water them in. I’m down to 7 plants now so over all for me this is not good. Last month I lost 2 this month I’ve lost 2 many! lol.

However we soldier on. I will continue to give my girls the best chance of establishing by misting them as they need it and giving them more and more direct light till eventually I can put them on the bench 18 inches higher than the floor. hopefully this will be tonight or 2moro depending on how they react to my care. updates as needed over the next few days. H


Very nice! Great job indeed!!

Thanks for the like. I should date this all as well I guess.
I took the cuttings on the evening (local) of 22nd July 16.
In the future I’ll add a date stamp. I’ll also run a running total of days since cuttings were taken.

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Like this tread Please keep it going

I also would like to welcome you to ILGM. And Thank you for sharing



Thanks Will,

I’m glad you like it. I’ll do my best to cover everything I do with these cuttings and please don’t hesitate to ask questions or point out things I have missed.

Thank you also for the warm welcome :bow: tiz nice to be here. H

Looks like your doing very well with your girls. For sure keep us posted on your journey! Looks very impressive and well taking care of for sure! I give you a 10 for sure!

Thanks for all the likes and comments. I’ll edit the original post as things happen that way it all stays in one place and is an easier read I hope. New update coming today. H


Morning fellows. I updated last night. few more photos this time. Please ask if there is anything I have left out. H

Very nice detail info… I myself have had no luck with planting clones in soil. I always have to leave them in water I guess I let them dry out. Going to give your method a shot and see if I get better results… keep up the tread would like to see how the ladies turn out!


Thanks Allen, sorry to read you have trouble. This is a cheap no frills way of going about it and for me it works well.
updated the thread,31 July 16

updated thread again. A loss this time. H

Sorry, that doesn’t sound good. I can only think its your browser perhaps off the top of mi head at 2am.There’s loads of photos I uploaded the way were supposed to and I can see all the pics. I’ll investigate more when I get up again. H

Must be a glitch. I flagged my comment, maybe they can fix it.:slight_smile:

@Blountville, I got you taken care of

Glad to read all is sorted. Phew.

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update 1st August 16

Hi folks, I popped into the room this morning and the rest have survived over night without the plastic bags on. I have misted them again and brought them out into the direct light again, there on the floor which is as far away from the bulb and heat as I can get. more photo’s tonight. H

Good vibes are definitely more helpful than most people realize!
It’s all on you to choose how you react to the people and things in your life.
Be happy, good vibes and karma will take care of us all!


Excellent journal, if I can completely understand everything you wrote you are doing a good job. I have TBI, so comprehension is not easy for me and I got everything you described. Thank you

I’m growing NL fem, and OG Kush fem. both non auto flowering. It’s only my second grow and my first non autos.

Since you explain things so great, do you know when I should start pinching stems to encourage more buds to grow on many stems? Also after pinching or cutting the plant back can the cuttings be used for starting new plants like you or no? Hope I’m not too far off topic to ask.

Looking forward to your next journal post too. Thanks


UPDATE 3rd August 16

Thankyou, and you are most welcome. I am glad its simple and easy to read and follow. This aint my day job lol. I have no idea what TBI is sorry. Hmmm pinching stems out…
I look at it like this, there is a finite amount of energy available to the plants, Light(also generates warmth), growing medium, water and neuts. So if the amount of energy available is finite then you can expect a finite amount of growth and flower. if you pinch out your tips really all your doing is redistributing the energy into more buds. Also when you pinch out the tips the plant goes into shock and stops growing for a few days. Personally I don’t think its worth it. I grow a scrog grow as you can see and setting back my plant for a week seems counter productive. However if you do wish to tip out then its simple. once your plant has matured, your starting to get bi opposing leaves and perhaps some preflower there ok to tip out. If you wanting to just split the tips into twos then nip out the tip. If you want to take cuttings take them longer as I have shown above. [quote=“Tstar, post:20, topic:6570”]
Also after pinching or cutting the plant back can the cuttings be used for starting new plants like you or no?
YES! that exactly what I have done.
I hope this helps. holla if not and I’ll try to explain in greater depth or try to simplify it more for you whatever. H
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