Journal: My very first grow ever WW Scrog

So i got my seeds the ither day after getting everything i need to start my first grow. I plan on posting this grow step by step for anyone to follow and for insight as well as this is my first time and i sooooo excited and don’t want to get this wrong.

48 hours after germination they’re crackin open.

My 32x32x60" tent with two 5gal smart pots. Fox farms ocean forest and perlite. Top 3-4 inches just perlite and peat moss mix for seedling stage. Platinum led p300. Doing a scrog with ww strain [lol and dont mind my basil in the corner i was bored waiting for my seeds :slight_smile: ]

Will keep updating as i continue!
Hope everyone enjoys watching a rookie grow!


I’ve actually heard basil may be a good companion plant for our girls. Gonna experiment with companions this year, but then, I grow outside.

Good luck with her. We’ll be watching.


Garlic is a good one for pest. Marigolds and chrysanthemum also.


I have thought about getting some veggies started under the ole metal halide. I’ll be flowering before I can put any veggies outside though. I’d love to have the neighbors eyeball my gorgeous garden. I’ve learned so much I think the garden will be fun this year.

It’s good to hear about the garlic helping with pest too. I gave her a marigold for company for the pets, now it’s double time! Lol

My original intent for the garlic was trying to manipulate terpene levels as I had heard garlic could do that in the veg garden. I was also considering some mint.

I’ve tried vegetables before with very little luck. Learning more about growing my buds has encouraged me to try veggies again. I’m starting with Beefsteak and Black Krim which is another type of Beefsteak.

I’ll make sure to get back with results on terpene effects after my harvest. Hoping it’s good since I have limited girls.

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Oh yeah, terpene. I just had a thought. High Times had an artical about boosting thc levels during curing. They claim by doing what they mention could increase thc by 13%. I probably still have that mag. From the early nineties.

Nice setup I just got a platinum p600 on Friday. I’m probably gonna get another one just to make sure I cover as much as my canopy as possible

I’m set against mixing veggies and marijuana…plants give off aromas that attract predators.
We all have a favorite food smell, bugs do too. I love the smell of steak cooking…The pot plant is that steak smell to some pest. Adding a tomato smell with more predators, or corn (corn stalk borers anyone?) or other vegetables only opens the door to more bugs that may never have tried pot.


Oops…the tomatoes are separate. I was speaking of different herbs for companions. But this isn’t the thread for this discussion. I apologize everyone.

Update. They’ve sprouted! One is perfectly straight stem and the other has quite the bend lol but I’m sure she’ll straighten out. Just been keeping the soil moist with a spray bottle of PHed water (6.3-6.8). Humidy at 40-45% (is this too low?) And temp around 75° give or take. Looking forward to learning and seeing them grow!

Will keep posting updates


Hey I’m a first time grower never even seen a plant past sprout I have a question I’m going to be using fox farm for nutes but I have no idea when to water or how much I’m using a 600w hps with a 32w led I know the led is small but wanted to include it since I bought it without searching if it was good and found out that it’s crap lol so I bought a hps which includes the mh bulb also so should I start on the mh light first until flower just wondering all of this before I start my germination of ak 47

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This is also my first grow. I learned a lot from looking at threads on these forums…do some searching, read a couple grow journals and you will learn a lot!

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How long should I leave them in a cup of distilled water? Til they crack open and get little tails?
Should the seeds sink?

Should I put them in rockwool cubes or just put them in soil?
What kind of soil?
How wet?

I put mine in the water for 24 hours then put it in a wet paper towel in a dark place, keeping the towel wet check every 12-24 hours until they oepen and grow the root (like a little tail. Then plant the root straight down into damp soil. Keeping the soil damp (not soaked.) With a spray bottle until the seed sprouts up. Then just continue watering when soil is dry. Its ok for the soil to get dry even at seedling stage. It helps bring oxygen to the roots. Obviously no more than a day i would assume not to leave it dry…this is what ive been doing for my first grow and my girls are looking great.

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HID or High Intensity Discharge lamps are the most common type of marijuana grow lights used for indoor growing and are arguably the most efficient way of producing good yields oo9oo. The HID family includes, Metal Halide (MH) and High Pressure Sodium (HPS). HID lamps produce the ol9lloloo spectrum for both the vegetative and flowering stages of mllarijuana growth.


What are they?
MH or Metal Halide are currently the most efficient source of artificial white light available to indoor marijuana growers for vegetative growth. MH bulbs come in a range of watt sizes, including; 175, 250, 400, 600, 1000 and 1100. The most popular with indoor growers are the 400 – 600 watts.

Best practice advice:
A metal halide bulb’s light spectrum and 6500 Kelvin temperature are perfect for the vegetative growth stage of your marijuana plant. MH bulbs have excellent light brilliance, but produce a lot of heat.

10,000 hours.

What are they?
HPS or High Pressure Sodium is an extremely efficient bulb that emits an orange light spectrum, mimicing the sun of fall/autumn (2700K). Like MH bulbs, HPS come in a range of watt sizes. The most popular with indoor growers are the 600 watts.

Best practice advice:
To get the best out of your HPS bulbs, use for the flowering stage of your plants life cylcle in conjunction with a MH bulb, with the 9 imost efficient ratio being 1 HPS for every 1 MH.

10,000 hours.

The cosy

Average Cost incl. ballast (need to have specific costs inserted)
400 watt MH lamp – $85 – $120.
400 watt HPS $25 -$40.
400 watt Ballast $175.

-Excellent marijuana lighting for bud production.
-Excellent Spectrum.
-Still the best light sources for indoor grow.

-High electricity bill.
-Run at a high heat.
-Short life in comparison to others.

This advice is great. Even though this stage seams like it should be simple I had a ton of questions before I planted.

Girls are still doing great. (Though it’s still quite early.) Still watering with distilled 6.5ph water no nutes yet…plenty in the FF ocean forest, which i think my roots hit, because the leaves are growing fast now. This is day 5 since sprouting out of the soil. (Day 11 since germination)

Hi everybody i am a fisrt tome frower as well. I have a 1 plant set up in a 4 gallon pot im trhing to keep the plant smaller but not as small as it is. I have been flowering for about two weeks with 2 150 watt cfls. I just recently switched one of those cfls for a 75 watt cool light led . I also have been feeding with herculean harvest any idea why it is so small. It is forming buds just nit stretching