Journal - Grow 2 Electric Boogaloo - GSCE + Blue Haze

You’ll be looking for 10-12%. 12% moisture will put you around 62% relative humidity. 10% moisture will put you around 59% relative humidity.

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@Bobbydigital Thank you for your help this grow… Harvested the two GSCE plants earlier today… The Blue Haze & God Father OG tonight.

The wet trim is much easier than dry for me so far… Plus I have about a 0.375 inch diameter ball of scissor scrapings… That will be nice for the finishing of the harvest/trimming.

I am very excited how this grow turned out… The right genetics, proper equipment, patience, and a growing level of growing experience is really making a huge difference.

My wife doesn’t puff and as she helped me trim… I said “You don’t understand what we have here do you?”… Her reply… “It sure smells and looks pretty, but I wish it wouldn’t gum up my trimmers so fast.”


Damn, you’re lucky. I grow for my wife and she barely helps trim.


@Bobbydigital Harvest and wet trim complete… I forgot to ask you… What part of the drying buds do you use the moisture sensor on to get the most accurate results?

Bud, stem, bud under stem, etc?

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Unfortunately, the dry only took 5 days. I was shooting for 10-14 days. Drying temps at 68F and 58RH with exhaust and a small fan running on low at the tent bottom. Next time i will leave out the fan, as the exhaust is an ac infinity S4 4" with filter.

But can’t really complain… Total 10.75oz. From Two GSCE, one blue haze, one godfather og. In a 4x4 with no SCROG or LST. All smelling awesome and nice and sticky.

Is that a good haul?


First grow with just about all of the equipment in here right? I would say pretty reasonable for that. I’m betting you will do quite a bit better on your next if things go well.


Nice yield, can get higher yields with some more experience but not bad at all, nice growing.


Next grow began a week or so ago…

From Greenpoint Seeds:
1x Animal Cookies
1x Lemon Frosting (Lemon Tree x Animal Cookies)
2x Purple Crunch (Do-Si-Dos x Purple Punch)
1x Sticky Icky (Gorilla Glue #4 x Animal Cookies)


What was your total time from seed to harvest for the GF OG?

8 weeks veg, 7 weeks flower. Not including a couple days germination(24 soak, then damp paper towel in ziplock bag until taproot long enough) and about a week +/- as seedling(in rapid rooter plugs pre embedded in soil all in a solo cup) .

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