Journal - Grow 2 Electric Boogaloo - GSCE + Blue Haze

What he said.


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I hope you all had a safe and fun holiday weekend!





My plan is to begin checking tricomes at the beginning of week 8 from flip.
Does that sound like a good plan or should I begin checking earlier or later than that?

I am not sure the effect of the light out time (5minutes before/10 minutes after) the far red lights have on the growth since I kept my light schedule at 12/12. Or the UVA OR UVB for that matter. I know the uv seems to have helped tricomes develop.

Your advice, is much appreciated!


How long would that be? They are looking close now

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@dbrn32 I switched to the flower tent at 12/12 on May 31st.

Starting week 6 today.

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I’m not sure they’re gonna make ideal harvest time in couple of weeks. I would probably get a look at trichs soon. Looks like majority of your pistils have receded, which is about time I start checking trichs.


@dbrn32 Thank you… Is it better to check tricomes beginning, middle, or end of the day? If evening I could take a few pics yet tonight… Lights out at 7pm CST.

Also… My lights are a bit lower than they should be… Actually tgey are as high up as can be… They stretched a bit more than i expected without a scrog… So next time i will veg a bit less than 8 weeks. The pics are the tip top buds.

To compensate for the low lights I turned them down to 600 umols and slowly worked up to 812.

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I don’t know thst it matters when you check them. When I harvest though, I always do that after dark period.

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@dbrn32 Thank you… I will check the trichs tomorrow morning and post some pics.

I will probably be slowly harvesting these as some lower stuff could use a bit more time… Full white hairs.

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You can post pics, but they have to be pretty clear for us to have as good of view as you do.

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@dbrn32 I have a usb microscope, 60x loop, and a dsl Canon with a macro lens & stand/tripod… I should be able to get good pics of the trichs.


@dbrn32 Thank you once again for your help… I wasn’t planning on checking tricomes until week 7 or 8.

All plants are a bit amber and clear… Very little bit clear… Rest all milky… Sooo milky it just about gave me gas from lactose intolerance. :stuck_out_tongue:

I totally would have pushed it to all amber if it weren’t for you!

Threw them all in my dry tent for about 24 hours… Harvesting and wet trimming tomorrow.

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Should be good like that. Try to keep cool while you dry and you should be in good shape.

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Average temp and humidity in the basement are 70F and 40-45%RH.

Dry tent has an exhaust with filter out an upper port with a lower hole for incoming fresh air flow… and also a small oscillating fan on low at the bottom of the tent.

I will hang the buds/branches from plastic hangers with two clips on them … My wife calls them skirt hangers… Which are hung by the tent support bars.

I have small hygrometers which will help with the cure… I plan on using Grove Bags for my cure 1oz and a few 1/4oz…this is for personal use… Wife has never puffed. I also have about 3 dozen wide mouth, quart mason jars if I need them.

Grove Bags had emailed a $20 coupon after signing up and making my first order. So I am set.

Very excited to trim today!


If you’ve never cured in jars it’s going to be harder to appreciate how good the grove bags are.


@Bobbydigital I completely understand… Last grow was 27 mason jars each with an oz… Burping nightly…it took a lot of time and patience. It was worth it.

It reminds me of… In high school and college… drafting on a drawing board was all there was… My first use of AutoCAD in 1993 was after earning my way to that tool, as there was limited seats and PCs.

Now adays kids start with 3D in SolidWorks in High school or earlier and have no clue what of the basics you learn drawing each line and lettering 1/8x1/8 inch consistantly.

That being said… I am glad I tried the mason jar thing… But will be glad to leave it behind.

Is there any trick to the Grove Bags or just dry to about 62-65% and stick them in?

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I dry to 58-62%. Then, yeah, just drop in the buds and that’s it. Only time you need to open them is when you need some or just want to take in the aroma. The terps from the buds in the bags compared to those in the jars are vastly different. Especially after a few months.

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@Bobbydigital Thank you… I picked up a moisture sensor you had suggested… What moisture mode and readout will work best?

Use the wood setting.

Wood setting at 58-62%? Or does it show differently?

@BobbyDigital Wood setting at 58-62%? Or does it show differently?