Journal - Grow 2 Electric Boogaloo - GSCE + Blue Haze

One hell of a set up! Not sure you’ll need the carbon filter on the veg tent. Maybe as they get sexually mature. But no need to waste it for the first month at least.

Plants definitely look over watered in the pic. In solo cups, I fill a separate solo cup about 1/3 full of water and then place the cup with the plant inside it. The holes in the bottom will allow for the soil to suck up the water from the bottom. Gives the water seeking roots at the bottom the water it’s looking for and gives the upper anchor roots oxygen.


Sounds like solid plan. Just see how things go and adjust if situations warrant.


Thank you for the tip… I’ll do that first thing in the morning. Also I’ll disconnect the filter for now… It’s easy enough to unclamp and leave hanging.


If you’re talking about the watering, wait until they’re all dried out.


:+1:t2: Will do… Thanks!

Have a great night!

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I think your plants have outgrown the cups and need to be up potted.

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Not necessarily. I’ve grown a plant from seed to harvest in a solo cup. He’ll want to get them healthy before transplanting.



After letting them dry out and watering a bit more conservatively, the plants got worse.

Yesterday, with the plants looking worse each day, I poured out the Blue Haze seedling cup… which was the healthiest of them… and sure as s@$t…they were root bound… Not bad… But starting.

I transplanted all three into 1 gallon pots, and watered them in.
They are looking much better today.

My fingers, toes, and testicles are crossed… Will keep an eye on them.

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You did the right thing. They should get better right away.

Once the leaves extend beyond the edges of the 1 gallon pot on all 4 sides it will probably be ready for another transplant. That may take only 7-10 with a vigorous growing plant.

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@CMichGrower Thanks… I was thinking a couple weeks and they’ll be transplanted again to their final 7 gallon fabric pots.


Well… Things are improving.

I started the week 1 FF nutes at half… Which is Big Bloom & Boomerang… Also 1/4 tsp epsom salts, Great White, and tribus original.

Ph of RO water is 7…6.5 after nutes.
I did not measure the runoff… But will from this point forward.

Also… I have lowered the light to provide 617 umols at the plant tops.

Temps are consistent 74F using the vpd chart I have my lights on humidity set at 65RH.

I also moved the inkbird humidity controller which controls the humidifier to the main light timer so it is running at lights on only. My room humidity… With a 70 pint Dehumidifier with drain hose… Is set at 50-55Rh. So my night humidity shouldn’t get too low.

I am forced to vent into the room rather than outside.

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Isn’t having the ink bird on the timer strip resetting it to default every time the timer clicks off?

I feared… Well not fear… Much lighter than fear… That the inkbird ihc-200 would loose the settings… But have found that for the last two days it has kept the settings.

I tried to find documentation ti no avail.

I have it set at 66rh with dd@20.0 to limit it going on as i don’t have a Dehumidifier or fan on work2… Hd@2.0

It’s working nicely.

Interesting. It must have an internal battery for memory. I haven’t used mine in a year or two but I never had it on my timer block so never realized that.

@Bobbydigital I was definitely pleasantly surprised yesterday morning when I got up to check and it retained the settings.

Hopefully I will save a bit on water and maybe a tiny bit on electricity as well.

@BobbyDigital @dbrn32 @Hellraiser @Covertgrower @CMichGrower @beardless

Just bought a laser thermometer gun… Amazed at the price and there is also a 30% off coupon… So for a bit over $17…couldn’t resist.


Make sure to check emissivity is set to what you are testing temp of. Won’t read correctly if not set properly.

Your vpd looks good, but you could likely get little more rapid growth if your canopy temps were a little higher.

@dbrn32 Thank you for the tips…the instructions that came with it were not very clear on what to do with the emissivity numbers.

Unfortunately… My basement is unheated and my tent heater, small oil radiator, set on high gets it to 74 consistently… But if I can figure out how to raise the canopy temps what temp would you suggest?

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I usually try to run mine about 80-82, but have same issue.

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Are you running your exhaust? If so, you could try slowing down the fan speed so it’s not sucking out some of the heat.