Journal 5: Hellraiser’s Cherry Ice Cream

@Fiefie920 youre raising a good point. So she was actually on a heat mat and still didnt show any signs of improvement so now she’s on a pot riser. Not sure what the temp of the floor is but I do know its not warm but I made sure not to lay them on the floor. I’m getting an insulation foam board this weekend to place under my tents.

@Myfriendis410 I have myco. Just wait till she dries out completely then mix some myco with water and feed her?

I’m determined to get her back on track. Wondering if I clone her will the clone show the same signs growing?


You can top-dress the mycorrhizai any time then water in when ready.

Possibly, but it may have failed to develop a full root ball for whatever reason.


Thank you @Myfriendis410 ill report back once I have an update


Would it be ok to request a name change from ash93 to ash?

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Ash has been taken: is there something else?

Is ashh available?

Let’s find out.

Best I could do. Let me know if you want something different.

Hey @dbrn32 Ive been using two hlg 260 kits in one tent and 2 hlg diablo 200 kits in another. I always find myself playing around with them and trying to get them to be at the same height and trying to distance them from each other to try and get the best coverage in the tent so I was wondering if the XL heatsink hlg sells will help combine two boards into one to fix this issue in my 3x3 tents? Do you have a different idea in mind?

Im starting to look at bar style lights for better coverage and wanted to get your thoughts on them if theyre better for coverage than hlg kits. I was looking at this one here: Growers Choice ROI-E420 with their master lighting controller

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@Myfriendis410 Out of likes but that works. Thanks a lot Alan.


I added a 3rd board to my XL260, by simply buying the 135 W kit, and then added the driver and board to the existing heat sync. Worked very well in my 2x4.


The 3 board “xl” heatsinks are better choice for 2x4 tent.


Thanks for this info my friend @Newt

@dbrn32 fair enough. So not much I can do besides using them separately then. What are your thoughts on the Growers Choice ROI-E420 compared to the 260 and Diablo 200

If you have individual heatsinks you could frame them together in similar fashion to what the qb 260 xw kit looked like.

I wouldn’t buy a roi 420 already having the other lights. This is basically same amount of light as the two 200’s.

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@dbrn32 thanks Rob. Appreciate your help!

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Week 5
She was almost completely dry last night so I gave her some recharge. Cleaned some of the middle branches that were not growing as well which allowed for more air flow and light.

Bottom branches are starting to catch up.

So given the circumstances, I guess, I wont be vegging her for 10 weeks anymore. I’ll give her a couple more weeks to get a little bigger and take a few cuttings and keep them as clones to see if the clones will grow better.

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