Journal 4: More Light

@BobbyDigital Yeah Im in Canada so its kind of different.

@skippyisnohippy Thanks for your confirmation. I guess its a common thing then when they work together. Im hoping those new potentiometers I ordered will make it easier to adjust and control the power


Ash get the blue one from Canadian tire, it’s cheap and has all the bells and whistles you’ll ever need. Good to have on hand for countless things.
Like checking your plugs after you turn the breaker off before you start changing them or painting or anything like that.

I always had some with a friend or family member but finally had to get my own last year.

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@Nicky sounds good i’ll check them out this weekend. Thanks!

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Are you able to send me a link? I’ll try to use the American site.

When I looked them up it said out of stock

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The link is above on post 615. Make sure you select 100k ohm. Shows in stock for me


@BobbyDigital Thank you, this could be based off address and thats why because thats the link i clicked on as well

Appreciate it, might need to send it over to someone in the states faster and they can send it to me.I ended up cancelling my order

Appreciate it


“Jack Herer hits you fast and its a short ride, but the Cookies Haze creeps up on you slowly and a long ride, the high lasts you a while. They both taste good and really good strains” - my roommate’s comment

“Ash, your weed got me really high for a long time yesterday” -my friend’s comment on the Cookies Haze

Sorry not a detailed review. I’m waiting to cure them a little longer, and will be back with a smoke report


Smoke report:

Cookies Haze: Very smooth. Smells and tastes fruity. Creeps up on you slowly and it drags on for a good while. Doesnt really make you sleepy later on and can definitely be active on it. Its a nice day time strain

Monster Bruce Banner: Very smooth as well. Smells and tastes kind of like chocolate to me. Super frosty, like really frosty. Its a heavy hitter, I smoked a joint and it knocked me out instantly. Definitely nice for night time, even though its a sativa dominant strain, it felt like an Indica to me. Another friend smoked it as well and confirmed the same. Said he couldn’t hold the joint anymore after 3 hits only.

Jack Herer: Still didnt try it


Yeah I have noticed the monster genetics Bruce banner isn’t really a Brice banner since they crossed it with their 2fast 2 vast. But it’s a big yeilder and strong plant with a potent smoke so it’s a nice genetic still, just bad name for it they should have called it something else like Monster **** auto.

So far the best sativa to date according to my 79 year old dad is Cali connect green crack, followed by ak 47 & Tangie (should re grow these and have them smoke all 3 to rank them).

Thank for the report ash.

I think the lemon AK 47 auto from fastbuds is my favorite sativa auto currently, and indica may ne strawberry nuggets from mephisto (effects wise and both grew really nice buds)


I need to get some tangie and green crack seeds. Brian sent me an ak47 and im keeping it until maybe the net grow or something. I really enjoyed the MBB so Im thinking of putting in an order for some more seeds too. I agree I think they shouldve given it a different name haha. Really nice and potent

I wish I could try mephisto but im not really looking to get into autos yet. Maybe next year

I tried the Jack Herer and here’s how I found it:
Smokes and tastes a little cheesy to me. Really nice day time smoke. I found that it helps with appetite unlike the MBB, that one kinda suppressed my hunger. Its going to be my go to strain after working out. I tend to be full and unable to eat after the gym for some reason so this will be perfect for that. Doesnt really make you sleepy really, after smoking on it.

Sorry everyone, I’m not as good and detailed as @Nicky and a lot of other people when it comes to smoke reports.


I might have some Green Crack seeds. I grew one out and it was okay but a little too racy for me.


You mean like made you anxious or just too energetic?

If you got GC seeds to spare let me know


It bumped my blood pressure up so it feels like anxiety. That and GSC-X were two I won’t be doing again. I’ll look at my seed inventory and let you know.


@Stonedrus ran the ilgm like @Myfriendis410 and he’s liking it.
I choose the Cali connect because it’s the best I could find to my knowledge, no info on the ilgm genetics as usual.
Humboldt also sells one, mixed results between the Humboldt one vs the Cali connect one. For a close resembling green crack like most things you would need to pheno hunt or get someone who has done the work and sea you a clone.

@ash93 my write ups are best written right after the smoke takes full effect, it’s like writing a heartfelt letter. Write it when your hammered drunk and then proof read it after, works like a charm.

If you don’t want to get into autos then Elev8 genetics or Jordan from the island is some of your best bet in Canada.

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Yeah, that’s fair. You want to stay away from strains that affect you like that.

Sounds good. Thank you sir.

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Ash I sent you some ak47 seeds to, they are from the 90’s from my dad. Regulars

Also some other ones are
Death Bubba x Master kush (from a friend who worked in the grey market in Vancouver)
Not familiar with the two strains although I’ve heard about death Bubba before maybe someone else knows how that cross might be or if it has a name


Right, I remember you mentioning that. Sweet, thanks a lot @Nicky Might even grow them out on the next grow :smiley:

Appreciate the look out bro. I will make sure to let you know once I drop them and potentially send off some sex tests early on in the grow

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No sweat, buy the tests through the cc link so a % goes to the cc =p

Sent you an Email

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Wont forget that this time, haha thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

Checking it out now! Thanks

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Those are 2 of my high THC favorites. :wink: I like my weed to get me up and moving.