Journal 4: More Light

@Nicky @Hellraiser which Fishshit brand are you guys using?

Also Hellraiser, I was looking at the HLG 30 UVA light and there are two selections, 120V and 240V. should I just get the 120v? what does that stand for?

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240 volts is what is feeding into your house and to large appliances like water heaters, dryers, kitchen ranges, heat pumps. It is cut in half to 120 volts (in America) and that is what comes from the receptacles throughout your home, in general. In Europe and the UK everything is 220 or 240. Unless you have a very large grow operation or are in a commercial setting you probably want 120. Volts times amps equals watts. Watts divided by voltage equals amps necessary. A 480 watt appliance or light plugged into 120 volt wall receptacle will draw about 4 amps.

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@skippyisnohippy Thank you sir

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Ash you might like this thing I built. Go here & take a look


That looks like a sweet setup. Unfortunately i don’t think I can fit 4 individual ones in my tent

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@Hellraiser I received the Recharge package last night in the mail. It says to use 2.5g per gallon. Do you give it to the plants separately after applying jacks once every 7-10 days?

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Yes I give recharge after watering with Jacks. I save enough of the Jacks water to have about 8oz left per plant, mix in some recharge and give to the plants. I’m usually putting in 1/4 tsp recharge to 1/4 gallon of Jacks water for my 4 Cherry clones in flowering. I do it weekly, Sunday is recharge day for all my plants in veg and flower.


@Hellraiser Thank you sir I’ll just leave a quarter gallon left of jacks and mix it with 1/4 tsp instead of weighing 2.5g to mix separately with water.

Do you start giving it to them from the very start?

I wait a couple weeks til they get out that early seedling stage and get settled into 18/6 before starting the recharge, I don’t like to throw too much at the babies.


All plants are now a little over a week above ground and the CH is just a week behind which is fine as I’ll manage height by Low Stress Training.

I feed them with jacks 321 every few days when I feel like the solo cups are getting lighter.

Light schedule is still 24/0 until the CH catches up a bit so maybe in a few days or so then I’ll switch to 18/6 schedule

Exhaust fan is still not on yet. I just leave the tent unzipped for the majority of the day

Temp 26-29c
RH 50-60%


@Myfriendis410 Is it still possible to transplant those Promix solo cups into coco for my next transplant?

Also what do you think of this for an autopot system?

2 weeks in

CH all caught up in height just needs to develop more

They got their first night period today. From 12-6pm

Temp 25-28
RH 50-60%


Shouldn’t be a problem.


Fishshit is made by Fishhead Farms.


Thinking of getting 4 autopots can you run fishsh!t or recharge in that system or will it gum it up?

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Fishshit yes, recharge no.
Recharge isn’t needed, recharge is just nitrogen with added microbes. No one needs the nitrogen and fishshit is a better microbe product then recharge.


Thats all you need


4 is too big for my tent. This is the 1 I got:

I can definitely tell how much this helps. :+1: :sunglasses:


Is this what Dr. Bugbee uses for his grows
@Myfriendis410 @dbrn32 @Nicky

Not sure, I haven’t kept up with his videos.

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