Journal # 1 WW Auto From ILGM

So a bit late but this will be my grow journal for my WW Auto.

We are currently on day 26 from sprout.

Plants have entered pre flower.

They got watered today with the weekly dose of Kelp / Cal-Mag / Great -White.

They also got a neem oil pre treatment on the foilage.


Why the neem oil if you have no issues? Stuff is nasty

It can be used as a preventative measure I like to stop problems before they have a chance to become problems.
And it does got a unique smell to it

Yeah be careful using it during flower. I wouldn’t go near the buds with it and risk getting the smell/taste on them…

Ya I don’t have buds yet just pistils everywhere.
So should be good on that end but if my weed taste funny I guess I’ll know why

Day 27 Update

All 9 plants are female I have not seen any herms.

The tent is really starting to fill out and I did a little more LST today also after giving them a 2 day rest. Gonna wait and see how the canopy looks in another couple days and adjust.

The 3 gallon planters are soaking up a little more than 2 liters every 2 days. Only 2 got water today and I’ll be watering the rest of the 5 gallons tomorrow they drink about 2.5 liters now every 3 days.

I am getting at least 10-20% run-off per feed/water.

Temps are staying between 70-80 degrees. Been keeping at 77 the best I can.

Upgraded to a 70 pint dehumidifier for flower cycle wich I should be in prop like 4-5 more days if I had to guess.

Gonna keep the RH at 40-50% for the next 6 weeks.

Day 30 Update.

So I decided to do a pretty good defoliation on the girls. They look naked but I really needed to get space for all of them.

I should mention we are about 4 days into pre-flower and I watered the two 3 gallons with 2 liters of run off with about 10% run off.

Didn’t check the ppm run off or pH. No excuse I know but got alot going on.

Anyways here are the babes all naked.

Wow the girls bounced back almost immediately day 4 or 5 of pre flower. All are female. Looking for herms on today’s watering.

These white widows love this little bit of extra heat.

Looking good buddy!

I just finished an outdoor white widow auto that saw 100+ degree temps on at least a couple days. They do not seem to mind the heat.

I think its because the white widow is originally a west coast strain were they get alot of heat and decently high humidity.
I’ve had alot of people tell me that they can take a good bit of abuse from mother nature and humans lol