Jorge Cervantes, Ed Rosenthal, or Joshua Haupt

Who’s work is your personal favorite in your opinoin?

I started out reading Jorge Cervantes, read two of his books. Then stumbled Upon Ed Rosenthal who I thought personally got more into detail in regards to all subject matters then Cervantes.

Joshua Haupt who wrote a book by the name of three a light. Claiming to teach one how to yield 3 pounds per light. It’s a $300 book. He’s out of Denver and has his own nutrient line.

However I’m not familiar with his work that much but would like to be.

Has anybody read the Three a Light book?

Feel free to chime in!

I started with an original copy of The closet cultivator, from Ed Rosenthal back in the early 90s. It never let me down.

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I like Eds work. I want to check out that Three A Light Book