Jobe’s Run ~ No Tillin What’s Gonna Happen?

Going to try and do a grow using just this amendment.
Still in the thinking mode but if I didn’t post it now I might forget about it all together…lol

I’ve had this for close to a year and hadn’t really used it much but read the bag again (creative strain moment) and man it’s a pretty well rounded mix.
Will be using 50/50 mix of roots Organics greenfield and ROD. I’ll take about half of that mix and add the Jobes fertilizer to that and mix in and use that on the bottom half with the top just the roots mix. I’ll also brew a tea and water and help populate the soil with plant feeders.
I plan on using the clones I took recently 2 of each in 3 gallon pots. I plan on flipping them 6 weeks after burying seedlings from the cow pots into the final pots.

I’ll be top dressing jobes from time to time and using teas and worm castings and a sprinkle of oyster shells but other than watering them that’s all I plan on using for the grow. I guess I’ll find out cause not sure if it has enough K or Mg to finish but my Spider Mites Senses are telling me that the beehive of life inside the soil will handle things and I’ll just top dress Jobe more often and maybe at the high end to keep a consistent flow of food to the critters.

Still waiting on signs of roots from clones. GL should be real soon BD another week or so.
I saw a video on growing food for free and it had a hack for seedling pots…using either a Toilet Paper (get it while it lasts) empty roll or paper towel cut to length more for small veggies for garden I think than cannabis.
Anyway will update things once they are moved to their final homes.

Any thoughts on the validity of the nutrient plan would be welcome.


I think you’ll do just fine. I’ll follow along though.


Set to watch. I’m always interested in seeing how different grows go when using something different.

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Should be exciting to see how everything turns out.


Sounds interesting, jumping on the taggin wagon, if that’s cool?


I’m set to watching as well. I hope that you don’t mind if I hitch a ride and tag along :v: