jNutrient burn big time

I have four white widow Plants out doors that I was using fox farm trio. Four Gelleto and 6 purple Kusch, I was putting Stonington Blend Organic Plant food. my son came over with a guy who grows really good plants. With out asking he started putting Miracle grow dry on the edge of my 25 gallon grow pots. He said this would not hurt my plants. They will absorb it when they need it. Do it every 3 days. It was easy and this guy grows lots of plants and fast. Guess what my beautiful plants started looking better, then nutrient burn big time. I thought I dyed and gone to hell. My husband didn’t speak to me for a whole week. It used up what it needed then burnt. I finally figured out it was because I had the other nutrients working. I scraped out what miracle grow that I could see and flushed. Lost about 6 inches of leaves on the stems. They are in bud now. I didn’t put any more fertilizer on until they started going into bud. I been putting Cool Bloom on them now. 3 purple Kusch are ready to harvest even though the leaves didn’t recover much. the plants are budding not going to get as much as I should. Some of the plants were stronger the Gelleto were stronger are looking good now. My White Widow look okay.Just call me stupid. I always feel under pressure when growing my plants, but all is well now, thanks for listening.


Sorry to hear of this, but most of us growers all know that miracle gro, is a miracle NO.
Happy growing.


Yeah that sucks, the lesson learned should be - don’t let anyone else do anything to your plants.


I know a guy who grows good plants all he uses is miracle grow soil He has a 250 gallon tank he puts miracle grow in the tank and pumps the water from the creek. He gets bushy plants every time I see the plants that this other guy grows that sprinkles it every 3 days, great plants. Me now way not ever again.

You are absolutely right


Update on my nutrient burn plants out side. Harvest time!!!.Buds are smaller, one Gelato plant just started budding not good, that will go into no bake peanut butter chocolate cookies. Yum!!! 3 purple Kush harvested last week! Plants have been through 3 frosts, of course covered them with a blanket. some tops still got a little frozen, been taking tops off. Going to trim and wait a couple of days before harvesting the Golden and the Gelato, going to have some nice warm days ahead… 4 white widow on the deck not ready yet. 2 AK auto flowers which I hate. I put the AK in a 3 lb. grow pot. they are still growing and root bound. I think the company made a mistake. I think they were regular plants, they look like Christmas trees, small buds. Only found 1 bud rot. It is what it is. Could have got bigger and more buds but got stupid as hell! Last year I learned about bugs, This year I attacked them with all I had and the Daddy Long Legs helped a lot!! I learned a lot about fertilizer, what to do and what not to do! So I am ready to rock and roll!!!. If Hubby is happy, then everybody is happy!!! I hope other newbies, can learn from my stupidity!!!