Jiffy pots vs solo cup for seedling?

Wouldn’t jiffy pots be less stress at transplant than solo cup? I start seed in paper towel then to jiffy pots till I see roots then put jiffy pots in 5 gallon final home. No waste no root stress no mess in my opinion or have i missed something

New at this but I used the regular little plastic seedling starting pots and when I transplanted mine the roots just exploded the jiffy pots may take several more days to disintegrate and allow the roots to grow but there is a better chance to damage the roots the way I did it . I do know that when you replant it will seem that it stops growing for a week or so due to putting all of their energy into expanding the root system.

I’m new also only second grow. I was looking to give my girls the best possible start I can. Just didn’t see much jiffy pots use on here

I just followed the instructions in the Grow Bible this is my first time and mine are still in veg only about a month into it

I’ve used jiffy pots with great success only a noob at this myself but not a noob at growing various vegetables, so my advice is plant in jiffys once ready to transplant, simply water them and then carefully remove the netting around the jiffy, then place into its new home and water in.
none to very little stress IMO.
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I just stick mine in 5 gallon bucket of my blend of soil once roots grow though jiffy pot

What about the harder 3 - 4 inch coir/compressed peat type starter pots? Not the little 2 inch ones with the net - I am a little concerned about how long to let them go before moving them out of them to avoid root damage or as much root damage as I can. I have never worried about it with other garden vegies, but hey they are growing great right now and I do not want to rock the bot by stunting them if the roots grow into the pots them selves - I usually take scissors and cut as much of the pot away from the root ball as I can but I am feeling a little intimidated about damaging the roots and stressing my babies. Any advice?

I have had better results (exponentially) using clone-starter pods like Root Riot. Use just like you would a peat pellet.