Jewels' photo grow

Sure thing :+1:I’d be happy to


I love the garden @GreenJewels. I got C99 from Female Seeds before I knew Brother Grimm was the original original… I ended getting a few of his strains since, so I’m running them this fall. All C99 crosses.
Give your friend a cut and get her to grow her own. You can always take a cut back even. I don’t sell any either, I give away more than I smoke even…don’t want to break the law while I’m breaking the law kinda thing. Tho NY went legal, we still are
not supposed to grow until the regs come out.
I had a 5 pack of Barneys Acapulco Gold that I failed like a noob at popping… Gotta try it again…someday!!!


i get ya :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I’m the same, cant break to many laws at one time. I bet she would make a great grower, I should talk her into it. It would be an easy set up in her basement.


Do it. That’s how it all started. People sharing cuts and keeping a mother going for years or many would have been lost.
I shared a Pineapple Express Bag seed that was awesome. I never got a cut back but she was an awesome beast. However, one person I gave a cut to, had it pollinated by a plant her son was trying to grow and it made seeds. So I’m waiting on them to grow out and see what the cross was. Right now it’s unknown.
Alot of folks don’t have the patience for this either, regardless that they know what the outcome can bring… I’ve got 3 people now who are enjoying my cuts and they all know to send one back before they flip it.
I have 6 who got cuts and failed to keep em alive and gave up…lol… so you never know who might enjoy the process.
As you know, you get out of it what you put into it!


Looking loveliness @GreenJewels


I guess I got carried away dropping seeds.

White widow autoflower in a 7 gallon Man Bear Alien Pig auto is in the other 7 gallon. In the solo cups there is a Night Nurse CBD 1:1, Sweet Zombie and Sour Diesel. Those 3 are fem photos
So now I gotta figure out where to cram 2 -15’s and a 10 gallon . It’s looking crowded in here

Pure fruity pebbles OG is finishing her stretch.

I may have to attempt to move PFP into the 5x5 flower tent so I can have her tent to cram veg girls into.
The 5x5 with Maui Waui and Acapulco Gold they’re both starting to flower, AG up front is a little further ahead though

I think I’m going to look into swapping out my 3x3 for a larger veg tent in the future but for now, I’ll see if I can get pfp moved. I’ll cut the net if needed.
Thanks for stopping by friends :v::green_heart:


Pure Fruity Pebbles OG is happy in the 5x5. I had to cut the net and then tie her down once she was in the bigger tent.

She’s in the back, Maui Waui and Acapulco Gold up front


I think it’s week 3 going on 4 of flower for Maui Waui and Acapulco Gold.
Week 5 for Pure Fruity Pebbles.

Acapulco Gold in the sip is taking up more than her share of space in the tent.

Maui Waui is the small gal in the tent.

Pure Fruity Pebbles is a little pissed at me. I attempted to turn the light up a little more and she didn’t like it, so I dialed it back down.

It’s hard to get a good pic of her back there.

The whole tent

I’ll try to remember to get some pics of the veg tent tomorrow. Not much to see besides the PFP clone. The rest are seedlings. Have great evening :seedling::v::green_heart:


The flower tent today.

Acapulco Gold is loving the goodies in her earthbox
She really smells heavenly sweet :drooling_face:

Maui Waui, not much to say about her. I hope her buzz makes up for her lack in size, frost and smell 🤷

Pure Fruity Pebbles is also smelling delicious.

The whole flower tent

Pics of the veg tent.

Pure Fruity Pebbles clone

The solo cups with Sour Diesel, Night Nurse 1:1 and Sweet Zombie. In the cloth pot up front is White Widow autoflower. Man Bear Alien Pig in back is still a no show.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a wonderful week :v::green_heart:


She must, she looks great :+1:

She still looks as though she will produce a decent amount.


Thanks @Bulldognuts I appreciate the kind words.
I’m sure I’ll enjoy smoking the Maui Waui regardless of the amount. She’s my first regular ( not a fem) and I think I had higher expectations for her. All that nervously waiting for pistils or balls :grin: and my fem photos are blowing her outta the water, go figure 🤷 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl::v: :green_heart:


Finally!!! All caught up again lol. Looking good as usual J.


Thanks @PurpNGold74 :relaxed:
Haha, I saw you dropping the likes, I figured you’d catch up eventually :rofl:
Dang dude, you must have that magic power of unlimited likes :+1::v::green_heart:


:wink: lets just say Perks of being a Canna King. Ive been on a 2 week like binge. Caught up like 4 journals.


Just got done reading this journal from beginning to end. Congrats on your grows, you are quite the gardener.

Did you ever find the salamanders from last year’s grows???


Hey, I’m super happy to “see” you around :blush:

I hope everything is going well with you :pray:


No I didn’t ring them @DB_Cooper I set up a camera several times trying to spot them and never did. They either slipped out and down the drain ( hopefully) or up and out the exhaust. No sign of them in the exhaust fan 🤷 I still have plenty of worms in the pot so they didn’t leave for lack of worms :grin:
Thanks, I appreciate the compliment :blush::v::green_heart:


@kaptain3d I’m confused, we have a @Dbpooper, whom I remember from a while ago, haven’t seen him around in a while and a @DB_Cooper and the profile pics confuse me even more :rofl: twins ?
I better go smoke more :grin::v::green_heart:


Now that you mention it… I’m guessing there was an issue with his old account…
@DB_Cooper just joined a month ago… :thinking:

Which one is it @DB_Cooper ? If you don’t mind, that is… :nerd_face:


Nope. They are diff guys. When he posted the first time i asked the same