Jewel's is growing autoflowers again. This time its Jack Herer~Bubble Gum~ Northern Lights~Amnesia Haze look

Week 12
Fed these hungry girls, BG and NL.

I just fed NL 2 days ago and she’s already dry and hungry again. her buds are growing fast. That supercropped main cola is standing taller again. She’s fattening up @PurpNGold74 still leafy and bushy.
Shoe a little droopy in the second pic down because she’s being fed.

BG is getting closer, no ambers yet though, mostly clear with some cloudy trichs. She’s putting out more pistils and
Getting fatter every day so I fed her.


I’m thinking this or the next will probably be the last feeding for BG. When I see more amber, a sledgehammer flush and just water for a week.
Jack Herer is still slowly finishing. She is on water only. Just very few ambers, I’m waiting on more. Nothing for her today



Have a great night :v::green_heart:


Looking like you’re going to have a fine harvest, granulations!:tada::confetti_ball::champagne:

What brand of nutes do you run?


Those 3 above girls are on Fox Farms. It’s what I normally use. With my photos I’m using megacrop.


Wow GJ JUST WOW I. you got some killer :fire::muscle: going


Thanks, I’m trying to get good like you Jimmie :v::green_heart:


@GreenJewels I’m looking for a different technique to lst my next grow. I like what you are doing with these. If I’m correct, you are letting the plants main stem grow straight, then you topped them and now you’re tying the branches down/out. Is that correct? I can’t wait to see how your grow ends!


Check out this simple procedure. I call it, Four tops the easy way.


That is simple @Budbrother. Perfect name too. @Bubblehead
GSCX has 8 branches (8 tops).
First topping

then topped those 2 tops.

After she recovered, grew enough, and I got her uppotted, I then tied her branches down.

Gold leaf has 10 branches (will be tops)
She was slower, shorter and stockier so I only topped her once. I tied her 2 tops over so the remaining branches will shoot up. Shes going to need a lot more training since she’s a sativa. I’m going to @BigDaddyCain technique her … hopefully with his guidance.

It’s a nice change to grow a photo. I don’t have to pamper them like I do an auto. Good luck with your LST @Bubblehead and don’t forget to tag me please :slightly_smiling_face::v::green_heart:

This is a good training video.


Nice plants lady…and thanks for the video :cowboy_hat_face:

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Wow is right, They look fantastic! very nice, you are going to have a lot of Potchky soon it seems.
Best get them pruning shears ready. :slightly_smiling_face:

and, is that Conor McGregor doing a how to video :grin:


Damn Dude! that’s really taking it to em, holy crap. How big are the containers & how old are they?
Thanks for sharing :+1::wink:


Looks like @Budbrother starts them young. May as well let them know from the get go, what they’re in for :joy:

:joy: Looks like him :smile:. When I saw McGregor, I thought you meant the tennis player at first :joy:… showing my age now :roll_eyes:

@Gremmall thanks man :slight_smile: and your welcome for the video. You all are making me smile and blush with the compliments. I’ve screwed up a few things with this autoflower grow, but I’ve learned a lot more. I just wish I could smoke it with you all


FARMER you are GJ


Hi Jewels, yeah I was thinking the same thing when I saw that little gal, he starts them young alright but the Man knows what he’s talking about so I will heed his example.

You know I never followed tennis so I would have never gotten the reference, and you’ll always be younger than me :grin: I’m very much into the “Deadly” arts (martial arts) hence McGregga!

What’s also funny to me is that I’m doing the same lst training that you’re doing. Which is kinda mainline thingamagig, or at least that how I wound up w my plants looking the way they do. I’m curious to see how they develop using this “technique”.
(Having trouble uploading pics from my phone)

They are well deserved, you’re doing a great job by them :wink:


Yes he does know what he’s talking about. I have learned a lot from him from reading his advice to others. He’s a great knowledgeable grower that I look up to as a grower…just like many more people on here. I’m lucky enough to have a love for gardening background, so that helps me learn cannabis.

Me either, it’s boring as can be to watch…kinda like golf. Tennis is (was for me) fun to play. My dad had me take lessons as a kid. There was a big river behind the tennis courts. Being a baseball player, I thought it was more fun to see how many balls I could hit to the river. That of course got me in trouble. I had to buy the tennis balls with my allowance. I’m sorry now ( to young for thinking back then) to any life forms I may have destroyed with the tennis balls in the river. Dad didn’t pay for anymore tennis lessons after that year. For some strange reason I remember a few tennis players and golf players from my era. Probably from the news and the “grown ups” talking :grin:


I agree, most sports are actually more fun to actually participate in than to watch, at least for me that seems to be the case.

:smile: Absolutely! That just puts a big smile on my face, thank you.


@GreenJewels WOW!! That is way more than I expected. Thanks for the tutorial. I’m going to give that technique a try next time

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Those are from Seeds and yes, I start the maximization of production around wk 3-4 and younger depending on individual development.
I use a solo cup with 1/2” hole in bottom for planting. I give it a few days growth before cutting off the bottom of cup.

Once the roots air pruned it shoots out more roots to compensate. This is why they sit on a cooling rack at night, but most of the time they’re in another cup filled 1/3 way up with some rocks to get some air flow.

The roots no longer spin around and become a root ball. Instead it’s a root mass, and once you plant into bigger pot the root growth is explosive.

23 days later

Notice, pic above, AR2 has 7 tops but never topped it. Super crop and still have the main cola


Those roots look happy. I’m sure they love the gravel. Nice cup idea too, thanks.


Good Morning @Budbrother, thank you for that very informative reply w pics. I appreciate it. :wink:

What’s Air Pruned & how long do you they stay in the cup once the bottom is cut off and sitting on 1/3 cup of rocks? and just water as you normally would?

Thanks again Man & have a great day!