Jewel's is growing autoflowers again. This time its Jack Herer~Bubble Gum~ Northern Lights~Amnesia Haze look

My brain is alittle foggy due to some og kush I just smoked, wow, I had the whole thing still confused in my brain till I read mattbear’s. :rofl::rofl:


The OG Kush’s top half doesn’t look any worse. Her roots are looking better today.


Sorry I missed the deadline, for what it’s worth my vote would be to bury those roots in some soil!


As sheriff I’ll allow your vote pooper…

The poll stands at 9 to 9.

As sheriff I’m the one who breaks all ties. I vote for hydro.
The poll is OFFICIALLY closed :rofl::rofl::rofl::cowboy_hat_face::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Eff the po’ po’, mofo!


I’m just seeing this, I would have voted for staying with soil, I’m a soil guy though :four_leaf_clover::bomb::evergreen_tree:


With all being said in previous post about being a soil guy, I feel like you should avoid any negative feelings around quitting, and if that means keeping on keeping on, keep your head up, and learn to conquer the slime! @GreenJewels


I like that lol


Last Tuesday, I gave OG Kush

Here’s a pic from Tuesday

Here’s today, it’s (slime, not the plant) definitely growing, here’s today

Here’s OG Kush’s top half

I am thinking they need another strong H2O2 soak for an hour today. I’ll get her RO and fresh nutes ready.

As for the soil girls, I’m not really neglecting them like I do their journal. I do have my paper journal kept up though.
They’re getting 1/2 strength FF nutes with cal mag. I’m lazy growing them. I haven’t done any training. Just some tucking of the fan leaves. Both girls had a low pH with their last feed on Tuesday. Blue Dream’Matic was very low at 5.9. Black Sugar Rose run off pH was 6.2. I always run into this with FF Happy frog. Last FF run I started ph’ ing everything @6.6 and the pH stayed more towards 6.5. Should have on this run also. Hindsight’s always 20/20
They look good anyways. They will be due for their first sledgehammer flush Saturday or Sunday, when they dry out more. We can get the pH back up where it needs to be then

Blue Dream’Matic

Black Sugar Rose


I tried to copy and paste from my lab update. Looks like the pics failed :thinking:
Edit, it’s fixed now :+1::v::green_heart::seedling:


So it for worse then… SOIL… SOIL… SOIL


What’s with all the ppl using the quit word…it’s not quiting, it’s cleaning, desanitizing equipment and yard saling for new hydro gear.


Well said BTB!


@GreenJewels That slime really sucks to get rid of you can do a sterile run and to do that you pot 1ml per gal of water of h2o2 and put nuits In as normal this way you keep the h2o2 in it so you won’t add anything that has ensymes or bacteria do to the h2o2 will kill it that’s how you run a sterile hydro you might have to do that the rest of this run. So if it says it has enzymes or bacteria in the nuits don’t add that the slime is a buildup of bad bacteria so do a sterial run with nuits and h2o2 but no bac and that should fix this but you will have to do it this whole run. Also forgot to mention the h2o2 will only stay in water for like 3 days max and when you top off bucket do 3ml per gal if you only add 1 gal but if u ad 2or more then do 1.5ml h2o2 per gal and when you top off you don’t top off with nuits top off with plan water and change out nuits once per week

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Late to the party. Put her in soil jewels. Add a good amount of perllite to it. You can ask @Kenken on here. I did an experiment recently with clones I left in the cloner for 5 months, giving them very little nutrients, nowater change just topped off with ph water when I watered rest of plants. It kept them stuck on very lil’ growth. Then I transplanted them to soil. Litterally cut the roots apart…It’ll Grow… Oh by the way, I’m comin’ back Hard with a Big Run. On here as well as my channel. Cheers Doll… Just a Taste. lol…


Jewels Here is one of the plants that I left in the cloner for months stuck on like a sort of suspended animation. Low nutes. No water change the whole time, just topped off occasionally. took her and her sister out put them in soil and boom. She was a lot smaller than that when she went from the cloner to soil. She hit the gate runnin’ that’s for sure. Left the other 5 in the cloner even longer and just transplanted them. They want to live… Cheers Doll…


Great to hear from you @OldSchoolGrower we miss you around here. Your a busy guy for sure. I think it was the megacrop I was using.
Plus my hydrogaurd expired and I didn’t know it. Looks like those neglected clones are happy now. Thanks for letting me know. I may have the slime whooped now.
Thank you too @BigDaddyCain
I kept giving her a potent H2O2 treatment and the roots would improve. Put her in megacrop with H2O2 and she’d slime up again. No more megacrop for hydro. I guess others have had issues with megacrop and slime also. I’ll feed my outside flower garden’s with it. I also added a second air pump for shits n’ giggles… couldn’t hurt anyway. I do have fresh hydrogaurd now but I’m giving her another week in peroxide then I’ll switch over. Now I’m looking at different cheap nutes. I like the looks of Jack’s but I don’t need that large if a quantity. I do have fox farm grow big for hydro so I’ll start her out on that after a few days of just H2O2 water.

Here was Tuesday roots

Here’s today

Unfortunately it hit my aerogarden with herbs also :disappointed:

Soil girls are stretching a couple inches a day. BSR needs to stretch a little more she’s a squatty girl. Getting ready for flower

Have a great weekend, I sure will. :v::green_heart::seedling:


Beautiful garden you got there @OldSchoolGrower and @GreenJewels


Ya gotta admit that was funny @Gremmall :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


She sure looks better huh…I think you have it figured out too lol. And yes that was funny of Betty and I ran out of likes on your post so instead heres this