Jewels and Budbrother doing Peyote together

Peyote Zkittles, Peyote Forum, Peyote Gorilla, and Peyote Wifi seeds were dropped. Having some fun with Peyote

Here is @Budbrother 's dropped seeds

Here’s my dropped seeds

We’ll both update our Peyote grows here once we start seeing some peyote tails


Set to watch.

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The P. ZLZ hasn’t sprouted a tail yet, so it’s still in moist paper towel. I’m pretty sure it’s a dud. The rest all had tailed in 30hrs after dropping, but went overnight in towel till they were a bit longer.

They’ve been under a fluorescent light on a heating mat, but they were really starting to stretch. So into the tent they went tonight.


My p gorilla didn’t sprout so I’ve dropped another. The other 3 stretched a bit. They’re in the qb tent. I put them a little bit closer to the light to minimize stretching. Hopefully I can get the fluorescent seed light set up in the AM. Houseguests make it difficult to keep an eye on stretching seedlings.


Seedling light is all set up. Quite a bit of stretch happened already. I’m not very good at judging qb light height. So they’ve stretched more since yesterday :roll_eyes: I’m better with the fluorescent seed light.
We should be good now :+1::v::green_heart:


Set to watching


Looks like peyote gorilla seed #3 is a dud :slightly_frowning_face: here’s the last P Gorilla after a 24h soak and 2 days in a moist paper towel in baggie. I’ll give it a couple more days but I usually get a tail in 2 days, 3 days max 🤷

The others are good :+1: