Jewelry loupe recommendations

I have this jewelry loupe

But was wondering if anyone can recommend a good usb one…my eyes are bad and can’t get a good view like some of you are getting

A USB microscope will give you a more clear picture than a loupe will. You can get them on Amazon for ~$30. They are all Chinese and are basically all the the same thing, so brand isn’t really relevant. I get pics like this:

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The jewellers loupe will work just fine, assuming your eye sight is good and you have steady hands.

As for the wireless scope, this one gets great reviews


I use the one Dave101 recommended above and it does works great. Used for 5 grows now and holds a great charge.


@MrRobot I use that same one as @Dave101 and it’s a pretty decent scope although like mentioned it takes a steady hand and some practice lol. Good luck! :+1:t2::green_heart: