Jewelers Loupe?

So, I bought 10x, 20x, 30x, 40x, and a 60-120x zoom scope.
40x gets me a fair view, but very hard to tell milky from clear or amber. The 60-120x (which a lot of forums recommended) shows very nice,BUT have to literally be touching the buds and can’t hold it steady enough to really focus on an area well. What are you guys using to see the trichomes well? I have a scope that attaches to phone via bluetooth, but it’s still a week out. 2 of my girls are definitely getting close. 70% orange pistols, lots of leaves yellowing and falling off.I saw a 50x and 60x , but they aren’t loupes per se. More light a mini lighted scope. A loupe is about an 1" diameter which gives a better field of view. Is there a 50x or 60x actual loupe out there?

I had the same issue, so I bought a USB scope. It works well. There’s a little bit of a learning curve.

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Well I used my camera on my phone and then enlarged pic. It worked for me.

I didn’t have issues using a Jeweler loupe but I was playing with $250,000 microscopes while studying Biochemistry. It takes practice like so many things in life. The 60x will help you to see the difference.

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