Jewelers loup / digital magnifier recommendations

Day 74, autos, 3x plants.
I’ve been happy with my 10x magnifying glass to check thriches until recently. I’m 63 and my eyes aren’t as good as they used to be. I ordered a Jarlink 30/60x jewelers loup and realize i can’t be steady enough with it to accurately check out trich colors.
Lookin for recommendations for not a cheap digital magnifyer, but a worthy one. Do I need a stand (yes), which one. Need a long chord to reach computer about 10’ away. Appreciation to anyone posting up. The more magnification the better.
Also a bragging rights thread :slight_smile: Thanks gents

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The microscope is good could be better but thats the going price for them but the stand is what makes it worthwhile. Before i was struggling to hold my hand steady to get good pics and now its easy.


Appreciated. Any worthwhile pics of triches to show its abilities? Owe you one, thx

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Sure thing! N no problem that’s what us members are here for to help and be helped by more knowledgeable members. Im glad i could be of assistance


Appreciated, is this low/mid/or high range quality wise?
Looks good, guess i will use this as a lead.

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Ya know if id have to say for electronic microscopes this is probably your base line run of the mill. Not poor quality build but some features could certainly be better. There are a lot out there same exact build and style just different brands. Ive never looked for higher end ones so id say this is mid range at best. The exact one pictured uses wifi thru the inskam pen (its own wifi i dont think you actually need wifi at your residence for it to work) that you connect to with your phone and then you can see the picture and take pictures within the app that are stored in a folder marked inskam

I have one of the scopes shown. I still get awesome pics after it’s been in torrential rain, stupid heat, dropped. I call it the OG Nokia. My lens has a couple specs of dust, but the quality is still great.

When someone asks for trichome photos I’m compelled to comply. I find them to be fascinating.

They are taken with a Pluggable USB2 scope. Live plant photos are the best. I use a camera tripod when shooting them.

Otherwise I cut a bud sample to examine

I think the Pluggable scope does a great job but the flex stand it comes with sucks because it vibrates too much. To solve this I purchased a better stand. The stand cost as much as the scope but worth it to me


I was looking at those and other hand held microscopes. Do you need a computer to use them? Also it appears you have to cut off a piece of plant . Anything better than a jeweler’s loup that I can use while actually holding up to the plant itself?

some of the tricome pics I see on this forum are works of art. I need some good prints to deck out my grow room lol

You dont need a computer to use the specific one i posted up. It has a built in wifi and once you turn it on you connect you phone to the wifi and it shows the camera. I like my mic boom stand its awesome

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Ok , so if connects to my phone I assume I can take pictures then right? Also is the stand big enough for me to open up my 5x5 and set it up to take pictures while still on plant or do I have to clip off a bud and look at it on a desk/table or something like that?

I just don’t want to have to return anything more. Is my first grow and had to return many of things mainly a few humidifiers and dehumidifiers cause they didn’t work as they should. On top of that I just purchased the cannatrol cool cure machine so my pockets are in the red right now. :joy:

But the 25th makes 2 months of flower so I’m nearing the finish line , would like to have something that works better than this jeweler loup I have.

So this is my inexperienced estimate on how much more time before the chop. 2-3 weeks am I correct?


Yeah the mic stand is really handy and adjustable. I have a 52 inch clearance in my tent before the lights and it fits in there nicely with extra room as you can adjust the stand. Yes you can take pictures from your phone without cutting a sample. Here is a pic for reference on when you should pull. I would say its your preference


Just bought that boom. Thanks for the suggestion!

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They look so good! Definitely need the trichs pics up close to tell. Looks like the beginning of some foxtailing. Nothing major and also not a big deal. Just be sure to not check the younger fox tails. You’ll need to be checking the more mature trichs on the older bud.

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Thanks that’s a nice chart to reference from. Now I guess I need to get one of those handhelds you posted. If I’m remembering correctly they are 30x-60x . I thought I may have seen a couple more expensive for 75x and maybe even 90x. I know I probably need at least the 60 right ? Which one would you go with? 75/90x?

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The one i got in the picture was 50-1000x zoom

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Wireless Digital Microscope Handheld USB HD Inspection Camera 50x-1000x Magnification with Stand Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Android, Mac, Windows Computer

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Ok foxtailing? Does
that mean I should raise my light a bit? I have been pushing them kinda heavy. My CO2 stays between 1150-1500 with growers choice 720 ramped up to 100 and maybe 10 - 12 inches over main part of canopy. Reads between 1k to 1300 ppfd.

My zkittlzz is grown in organic so I’m not flushing them . But should I flush the made of honors that is in foxfarm ocean Forrest and using foxfarm dirty dozen deadrients? And when do you normally start flushing?

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Oh ok , thanks I’m going to give that a look now.

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