Jefferson grows Blueberry Autos

This will be my 2nd grow and hopefully better than the first. For the details:

Seeds = ILGM Blueberry Auto x’s 3

Medium = coco coir - I bought the Fox Farms bag instead of using bricks

Nutes = Jacks 321 with Silica, Tribus Original and Calmag with RO water (ph=5.8)

Lights/tent = 2Wx4Lx5H, 2 Mars Hydro TS 1000


I plan on scrogging this round. My first grow got hermied and my harvest was filled with seeds. I am thinking it was due to light/heat stress as the plants were nearly touching the light. I’m hoping that scrogging will fill help keep them away from the tents.

I’m 11 days from planting the seeds and they are already taking off. 1 plant is clawing so I flushed and will limit the nutes a bit until new growth.

Pics to follow.


Your coco has enough microbial nutes to sustain you through the seeding stage. PH water for 2 weeks of breaking ground and keep them under a humidity dome. Jacks 321 is awesome and said you could use from sprout to harvest, I ended up taking my Sour D and Northern Lights out of my auto pots with Jacks and top fed water for the 2 weeks. Their back in the Jacks and doing well. Just my experience and preference Jefferson

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@OGIncognito I appreciate that. I pulled back the Jacks and used just a bit of water as you have said. I had them under domes but they grew quickly and are now too large for them.

Less than 2 weeks and they are already looking great.


Thats great to hear bro. You can start some LST around week 3.

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