Jedi glue flowering

Hi guys here is my two ladies i had 4 but the other 2 were dudes . I am in week 3 of flower this is my first time actually making it to flower due to issues in the past
They seem pretty happy at the moment but any advice would be great

Coco grow
Indoor tent
Jedi glue
Temps mid range 20 degree
Humidity around 50%
Movement fan
Air in fan 100mm
Air out carbon filter 125mm fan



Looks good!

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Any tips on leaf removal or humidity?

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I would trim up the bottom 1/3 of the under canopy. It will reduce the larf, and promote growth up top.

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looking good. best of luck to make it through.

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@ jackie_daytona
Thanks I’m excited I bought another dehumidifier to get the humidity under 50%

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@covert grower
i have nothing below the scrogg net so you mean the next 1/3 up ? is this ok to trim in flowering ?

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watch your amp draw with those dehumidifiers. they pull a good amount when the compressors kick on. I dont know what you got hooked up but I use one of these deals here to check for wattage and amp draw.

No just the bottom 1/3. @Aussie_herbman

Looking good, man. Kinda looks like you need some more red spectrum in there though…

Did a 1/3 fan leaf and annoying leaf defoliation they seem pretty happy lots of light and air flow

Week 6 finished buds got extremely heavy over night so I had to install another net to support these bad girls

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Week 7 started

Slight nute burn and slight deficiency but overall looking good starting to get really heavy


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not the fullest but the trichomes are insane