Jbum’s DYI Bubbler for Clones

Wanted to try my luck at some cloning not only for cannabis but my veggies as well. I initially had it set up in the garage in a small 2x2 but could not keep the water temp down it was high 70’s. So I moved it to my mud room closet that has duct work coming in from the house. So now water temp is at 67 degrees air temp at 73 so now let’s see some cloning lol. Cannabis on top veggies on the bottom. Also pulling cooler air with the compressor through the duct vent till I get my a hole drilled.

Tent set up.

And now the closet setup.

Thanks for looking!



Sweet setup, let’s get them roots growing

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Fk I hit the flag thing does that mean watch?

Sure hope so!

Well done my friend! Well f’n done!!!. Whole system looks well thought out and a lot of love put into it! There’s some ladies in your garden who are going to enjoy that area and I wish you all the best!!

That dill transplant looks awfully nice also


Jb when can we all expect a kit for sale of the whole setup? :grin: you just made mine look like a cheap knockoff @Jbum


Do need to keep the bubbler running 24/7 or intervals?

@PharmerBob @Mrcrabs

24/7 for air but I do 20/4 for lights

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Fk me running tho, now I’ll have to redo my propagation station.

Love the yellow and black totes. I’ll go purple and black and see if I can pull off a football theme


Purple and black does not make for a good team!?!?!? :pleading_face:


@PharmerBob Hahaha ive got the same model as yours @Jbum soild advice, i run mine @ 18/6 but as bob mentioned, 24 -18hr on and your good lights only

It’s cool @Jbum I always like the teams who play the dirtiest just not New England


Well I am a die hard Lions fan so I don’t know what it’s like to having a winning team lol. And then there is my Wolverines grrrrrrr.

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What size are your totes! I’m stealing your setup

The black and yellow is 16”x”24”6”

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@Jbum well duh! It should have been obvious to me to get the going this way. If you hadn’t posted this I’d still be living in the dark ages…
I already use 10 of those exact totes for my NFT ebb and flow projects.
Thanks for sharing.

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@Jbum little info on those cloning pucks!

How about a pic or info on where to set the clones? I’ve only used wool and pods, that make it idiot proof just stick and set those and they do the work.

Of course the stem need to be in the water for this to work but does it matter how far they are in there?

I was told to just let them dip in 1/4 inch or so. As long as they are in the water it’s fine. The pucks I have are neoprene or you can make them out of a pool noodle. With a slit in it here is a pic of one. I also cut the majority of the pot out so it wouldn’t tangle in any roots.

I’ve got the whole setup coming tomorrow :grin: time to upgrade my bubbler system anyhow

I have mesh pots and air pump other then that it says it’ll be shipped by tomorrow night

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Sweet can’t wait to see ya making roots baby!!!

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I’ll show you the roots in my neglected bubbler system :rofl: need some gorilla zkittlez? My friends love me I’m always giving away babies