Jarlax's 4th Hydro DIY RDWC Grow

Happy growing! I’m going to be starting my 4th grow, still had challenges with #3. Got a lot of good feedback here the changes are based on. An outline of what i am using and changes is below. I will update every week or so, hopefully no serious challenges this time.

Plants this run:

Bruce Banner, Girl Scout Cookies, Beaver Cookies, King Cone, Gelato Runts, and Breakfast n’ Bud.


110 max gallon DIY RDWC
13 Gallon buckets with 8" net pots
3" drainage + 2" bypass drain
1/2 HP Chiller
Fluval FX6 900 gallon aquarium canister filter
Pump bag prefilter over 3" main drain line in res
Compost bag used as res pump(s) prefilter
6 - 500 watt Spider Farmer LEDs
2000 GPH Recirculation Pump
900 GPH Chiller Pump
Blue Labs Guardian PH/TDS meter
2700 GPH aquarium air pump
55 gallon resivor


Advanced Nutrients Connisour Grandmaster plus Terpinator, Dr. Tims Waste Away Bacteria for cyanobacteria control, , Barley Straw Extract for algae control, Muck Away bacteria and enzymes to keep everything clean, and Hydroguard. I will only be changing the resivor once from veg to flower and will phase in and out the food changes by replacing the res water daily with top up solution, and my target PH is 5.8 - 6.1

Challenges with grow #3 and Changes

Early on calcium toxicity:

This is any easy fix and was already corrected. Performed tests adding 1ml at a time testing ppms until the correct amount was determined at 250-300 ppm at 4ml per gallon.


Root Cause - not enough air space between water level and bottom of net pot caused less air roots and more water roots that while were healthy eventually clogged the 3" drain enough accumulatively to increase water level over the res water level.

Solution - installed additional 2" drain pipe bypass so now all buckets effectivly have two 3" drains except the back two that have 1. Additionally i will be dropping water level as they grow to be 1/3 of the total volume per bucket.

Plants Falling Over:

Root Cause - 6 foot tall indoor plants full of heavy bud lol

Solution - I will be building a SCROG with 40" x 40" nets per plant with two levels. Sense they are so big im going for 20, then 42 inches.


Have half the frame built for the new scrog table / trellis. Got a bad pack of seeds “not ILGW” and have a late comer King Cone. The rest seem to be happy.


All 6 in now, King Cone has some catching up to do. Saturday i plan on erecting the second scrog/trellis frame.

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well allrighty then…lots of improvements

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Yea man, the drainage was a must. I went from 4 to 13 gallon buckets thinking that would fix the water level challenge. It did not, and they just grew more roots lol.

The scrog table a must also mainly because they are going to be huge and fall over once you remove the bottom branches, and even if you dont, just not as bad.

Rule of thumb going forward is if i think i can get away with not doing something, im wrong just do it lol.

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I have stayed with single reservoir/tote system because of all the issues you are experiencing. Clean up is a snap for me because of this…I grow in tents and have 2 trellis nets, 1 at 18 inch and the other at 36 inch…this seems to work in my setup to hold her up when she gets big buds…lots of training and pruning to keep her within the tent at times…I am envious of your grow room, very nicely laid out…I like symmetry

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Very nice!! Set to watch!! :popcorn: :popcorn: :popcorn:

Construction complete! Now its time to rock and roll. Im excited to see this grows tesults after the modifications.

Added benifical bacteria today also. Voodoo Juice, Tarantula, Piranha, King Crab. Roots reaching the water. The rock wool is already inoculated. Also added a light amount of terpinator.


Very nice brother!!! Sweet looking renovations indeed!!

@CooterJuice thanks man, here’s to 0 challenges, but we shall see lol.

The girls are looking really good, using the rockwool instead of hydroton is making this a lot easier and i think they like it better. Basically just water it like dirt untill your roots hit the sauce. The net pots look like a carpet underneath.


Nice roots for sure!! Looking good man!!

Got the 1st net up on the back half after work today.

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